World of Tanks Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Marathon

World of Tanks Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Marathon

Popular Twitch streamer passes away during a stream benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Twitch's game-streaming community is understandably melancholy following the news that one notable member, Brian "Poshybrid" Vigneault, died during a charity stream on February 19.

Vigneault's streaming specialty was World of Tanks. At 22 hours into his stream benefitting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, he got up to have a cigarette at around 3:30 AM CST. He never returned, and the next day police confirmed Vigneault was dead.

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Vigneault's Twitch channel is being used as an impromptu memorial. He was 35 and a father of three.

The Virginia Beach police are still in the process of determining the cause of Vigneault's death, but marathon gaming sessions can be fatal. The cause of death is usually attributed to blood clots. Said deaths are rare, and they can happen with any kind of extended sedentary activity (think Netflix marathon), but it's still important to make sure you take a break / move around when playing games for a long time. Twitch streamers who orchestrate marathons for charity need to be especially careful.

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