World of Warcraft Adds Stan Lee Tribute Characters


Former Marvel Comics head Stan Lee, co-creator of many of the publisher's most famous characters, died in mid-November. Given the the sheer cultural power of Marvel Comics, Lee's death was big deal.

Fast forward to today and players of World of Warcraft have found a few character tributes to Stan Lee. According to WowHead, the new characters were added to patch 8.1.5, which is currently on the Public Test Realm. The first character was "Stanley" a new guard in Stormwind Keep. Stanley uses the new skinny human model added for Battle for Azeroth for the Kul Tiran humans.

Datamining has also found models for Stanley on the Horde side and an unarmored version. Players have yet to find out where the other two models appear in-game. Given Stan Lee's cameos in various Marvel Entertainment films, I wouldn't be surprised if the character just starts appearing randomly around the world of Azeroth.

Header image via the WowHead Model Viewer.

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