Players React To World of Warcraft's Intergalactic Journey in Shadows of Argus Patch

Players React To World of Warcraft's Intergalactic Journey in Shadows of Argus Patch

Patch 7.3 sends players to another planet to fight the Burning Legion.

World of Warcraft Patch 7.3 launched today, marking the end of the Legion's expansion's official story and potentially, the end of the Burning Legion itself. In the patch, entitled Shadows of Argus, the heroes of Azeroth head to the draenei homeworld of Argus, hoping to taken the fight to the demons of the Legion.

Players will strike out from the bridge of the Vindicaar, a traveling base of operations, doing strikes on specific regions of Argus. They'll be helped along by the Army of the Light, the insurgency featuring heroes from Warcraft's past, including Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon.

What we care about is the new stuff though. Patch 7.3 will eventually include a new dungeon, Seat of the Triumvirate, which used to be the center of eredar society and where the first bargain between the race and the titan Sargeras first began. Unfortunately, the dungeon won't be unlocking until week three of the patch cycle.

World of Warcraft also adds Invasion Points, public quest scenarios that appear at random and require teams of players to band together on the fly to stop. These invasions will happen on different worlds. Once you unlock Invasion Points via a quest, you'll be able to queue for one with no group.

The first tier of invasions allow anywhere from 3-10 players, scaling in difficulty depending on how many are available. The second tier of invasions are Greater Invasion Points, which is a essentially tougher boss requiring to a raid to take down. Multiple invasions points will be available at any one time, with one Greater Invasion active as well. Finishing any invasion offers Argus Waystone.

The patch also offers a host of new mounts, improvements to your Artifact weapons via the Netherlight Crucible, and a new level cap for your Order Hall followers.

So how are fans taking to what seems to be the end of Legion?

Illidan makes a heavy decision.

Some players are already chuckling at the turn of events early in the patch's story content, shown in the video above. Namely, the actions of Illidan The Betrayer, who has been on the heroic side for all of Legion. Surely, the guy with that name is trustworthy, right?

"This patch taught everyone a valuable lesson," wrote user Choten on the official World of Warcraft forums. "And that lesson is you shouldn't try to make a dude with the nickname the Betrayer your chosen one."

"I'm laughing so much right now! Xe'ra spent the entire expansion telling us about how wrong we were when we dared to make Illidan answer for his crimes," wrote user Mortis in a spoiler thread.

Another thread noted that the new patch content was tuned for players with high-level gear, meaning it's better to wait, instead of heading directly to Argus. Some players are seeing the difficulty as a bonus, while others aren't seeing the challenge at all.

Ultimately, most fans seem to be happy with Patch 7.3 and Legion as a whole. Did the expansion stop the bleeding in World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers? Probably not. But players seem to enjoy what Blizzard is cooking right now, as Legion heads into its twilight weeks and months. Sadly, the folks in the old content are left with nothing but time to relax.

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