World of Warships - Commander Skills Guide

World of Warships - Commander Skills Guide

Find the training that is right for you.

Players will be several hours into World of Warships before they find out anything about the Commanders and what they do. In fact, the website lists Commanders as coming into play at level five, but we’re pretty sure that it’s level seven. It’s possible it’s been adjusted since release, but we thought you should know just the same.

When you do get your hands on some of the Commander skills, it’s important to know which ones are right for your ship, and which ones you can leave behind, or at least save for another ship. We aren’t going to list all the skills for you in this article. Instead, you can find that list on the World of Warships website. What we’re going to do is help you to understand what skills are going to serve you the best when you’re in battle, taking into account that everyone has a different play style.

Commander Skill Categories

  • Artillery
  • Secondary Armament
  • Ship Survivability
  • Concealment and Acquisition
  • Aircraft
  • Special Skills

How Commanders Work

As you earn XP in the game, it will allow you to unlock new ships and modules, but this is also how you are able to level up your Commanders. Some skills may only require you to spend one point to unlock them, while others will take several points. In this way, the XP system for your Commander works very similar to the progression you face when unlocking new ships and modules. For example, the Situation Awareness skill would fall into the basic category, letting you know when your ship had been detected, while the Vigilance skill would be considered more advanced because it informs you of incoming torpedoes from a further distance out.

How to Spend Your Points

While it will be tempting to spend points as soon as you get them, we’d advise against this. Again, the best skills will cost more points, so continue to suffer without any for a little while, and you’ll be rewarded by being able to unlock better ones. Of course, not every ship can benefit from each skill, so the ship that you’re using plays a huge part in what you should unlock. The Aircraft Servicing Expert, which ups the servicing speed and durability for aircraft belonging to an Aircraft Carrier, wouldn’t do you any good on a Destroyer.

The Best Commander Skills

This is a bit of a loaded topic. It’s like asking for the best gun in a game, which is rarely something that you can answer definitively due to different play styles. What if we tell you the best gun is a sniper rifle, and you don’t enjoy being a sniper? The same goes for what the best ship would be in World of Warships, or even the best skill for Commanders. It’s all about how you are most comfortable playing, and what ship you prefer to use.

However, let’s look at some skills that work well with different play styles. For the player that feels like they’re sinking too often, or can’t survive long enough to enjoy the battle, go with more defensive skills. If this is the case, you might enjoy Fire Prevention, reducing the risk that you ship will go up in flames when you are hit. If you want a more advanced preventative skill, Preventative Maintenance will lower the chances that your ship modules will become incapacitated. Explore the skills that will help you stay alive longer, reinforcing a weakness in your play style.

Of course, some people would rather put their points into dealing out the hurt, rather than reducing it for themselves. Again, this depends on your ship choice and play style, but options like Demolition Expert, upping the chances of causing a fire on ships that you engage, might be more suitable. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck here. What do you need help with the most, and is there a skill that can be unlocked to eliminate this weakness?

Our advice to you would be to stick with what feels right for your style. Don’t listen to other gamers who tell you that one skill is better than the rest. It’s not. That skill works well for them, but games like World of Warships require that you understand the type of player you are, and compliment that by choosing the right ship, and unlocking the appropriate skills for your commander. The minute you try to follow the formula that someone else made up, you’ll find yourself more frustrated and on the losing end.

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