World of Warships Tips

World of Warships Tips

Learn to properly use each ship.

Getting into World of Warships, our expectations were admittedly low. A free-to-play game had more reasons than most to have holes in it, but World of Warships has proved to be a very solid experience. The matchmaking is on point, and the battles are very complex. The team that wins is typically the one with players who know what their role is, and stick to it.

Today, we’re going to talk about each of the four ship types, helping you to understand what you should be doing each time you hit the water. Whether you’re just starting out with your first Cruiser, or you’re about to enter battle as a hulking Battleship, we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.

The Cruiser

The Cruiser will be the first ship that you use, and the expectation is that you’re the ship that is out in front and leading the charge. Cruisers have better durability and firepower than a Destroyer, but are faster than a Battleship. It is your middle of the road experience, offering players a balance between speed, power and survivability.

When the match begins, don’t necessarily go steaming into the middle of the map where you’ll take fire from all sides. Identify the objective, then plan a route that will take you there as safely as possible. Use islands for cover if available, but stay out in front of the Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. When you spot an enemy ship, start putting serious firepower on it. The enemy should be shooting back, and if your team is doing their jobs, Battleships will be providing support with their guns, while Destroyers use their speed and smoke to close the distance.

The Destroyer

As we briefly touched on with the Cruiser, Destroyers depend on concealment and speed to get the job done. They are a Battleship’s worst nightmare, but only if they can close the distance. The problem with a Destroyer, is that one group of torpedoes, or a few accurate shots from a Battleship, and you’re at the bottom of the ocean.

As the round begins, get in front of the rest of your ships using your speed and even your speed boost, and the moment that the enemy spots you, drop a line of smoke in front of your teammates. This will stop the enemy from seeing them, and allow them to push up in a safer manner. From there, drop back a bit and study the battle for your opportunity.

What you’re looking for is an opportunity to close the distance on an otherwise engaged enemy. Focus on Aircraft Carriers and Battleships primarily. The former are easy targets for the Destroyer’s torpedoes, and the latter has a very hard time maneuvering its guns to get shots on you. Use more smoke to conceal your approach, trying to get close enough to the Battleship so that you can also hit it with your torpedoes.

The Battleship

The Battleship is the hammer. It features more durability and firepower than most other ships (if not all), but tends to lack the maneuverability that the others have. For this reason, it should be on the edge of the fight, using its range to engage ships that are otherwise occupied by Cruisers and Destroyers. If the Battleship is doing its job properly, it will be one of the last ships left in the match, and will have near to full health.

At the beginning of each round, let your teammates get in front of you. Don’t even start to move forward at full speed. Move up slowly and methodically, sticking to the flanks if at all possible. Use the Ctrl + X key combination to lock your guns to one side of the ship, and consider AP shells for maximum (although less consistent) damage.

The one thing that a Battleship does not want, is to find itself within range of several ships at one time. This is a recipe for disaster, as the extremely high reload time, and lack of agility from the guns, will make it an almost certain death, even if it’s a slow one. Provide support for your teammates, putting severe damage on the enemy whenever you get a clean shot.

The Aircraft Carrier

In the right hands, the Aircraft Carrier can be very useful. Unfortunately, it’s rarely in the right hands. The enemy tends to view this as a free kill, and for the most part they are right. As an Aircraft Carrier, you’ll have the option to use Fighters and Torpedo Bombers to engage the enemy. When the round starts, stay back from the battle. You have nothing (effective) to defend yourself from attack with, so you need to be very far away from the enemy.

Start by sending your Fighters out to scout for enemy ships. This is done with a top down view. If you see a group of enemy Fighters, try moving in and engaging them. The same goes if you see a group of enemy Torpedo Bombers.

The cool thing about the Aircraft Carrier, is that if your team can see a ship, you’ll also see it on the map. This means that if one of your ships gets closer to the enemy spawn (where the Battleships and Aircraft Carriers hangout), you’re likely to have some very big targets to engage. Unfortunately, you’ll have a hard time consistently hitting Destroyers and Cruisers with your Torpedo Bombers. It’s possible, but their speed makes them a much bigger challenge. Try to go after targets that are between islands and have less room to escape your attacks.

If you want to back up a step and explore the Tech Tree and Modules for the ships you currently own, or would like to own in the future, check out our Beginner’s Guide for World of Warships.

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