WoW Classic Players Are Struggling to Get Their Old Names Set

WoW Classic Players Are Struggling to Get Their Old Names Set

They're rekindling an old flame: the login queue.

The throwback version of World of Warcraft goes live later this month, but Blizzard has opened up name reservations in advance. Because this is a new game with new registration and a lot of people would want to retain their original WoW name, you can imagine there's a bit of a nominal property rush, and a few folks are missing out.

Sharing their experiences in a "name reservation rage thread" on the Classic WoW subreddit, users are lamenting their inability to regain their former titles.

WoW Classic is the reboot of "vanilla" World of Warcraft, before later expansions like Cataclysm radically altered the game. Considering the world of WoW has been in constant active development for 15 years, some things have shifted around. WoW Classic aims to ffaithfully recreate those old patches including gradual raid releases and patches.

Classic is aiming to be a time capsule that plays out in real time, down to the tiniest details. In an interview with the developers earlier this year, technical lead Brian Birmingham told us if you set the sliders just the same in WoW Classic as you did in the original WoW, "every blade of grass is exactly like it was."

It's clear why folks would want to jump in and relive the glory days, but it looks like their efforts are being halted by another spectre of the past: the login server. While some missed name opportunities are due to hilarious user error, others are due to odd server hiccups and long queue times, as well as the occasional bug.

"I logged in an hour before the servers went up in preparation for this," wrote one user. "At 5:59 EST, I began spam-clicking my intended realm. But as the servers went online, they all shuffled around and it put me in the wrong server. When I went to switch, I got disconnected. I am now 5,449 in the queue. KILL ME."

Others are feeling an aching sense of nostalgia for the good ol' days. One Reddit user wrote an imaginary scene of Blizzard employees watching as people try to log on, artificially throttling the servers to recreate the "Vanilla" experience. Another writes of the server waits: "To be fair, this is the true classic experience right here."

Some folks trying to log in are encountering error messages saying you can only make a character on a certain realm if you already have a character in the realm. A catch-22, in Warcraft form. And while some are getting in and getting their name locked, others have resorted to reserving slots to then share with others, so they can get their epithet of choice.

But amid the chaos of server log-in queues and last-second server switches, there are some gems. "I managed to get Karen and I'll be asking to speak to the manager day one on all your behalf," writes one Reddit user. But even two weeks out-WoW Classic launches on August 27-it's still the same experience users expected. If you're thinking about hopping in to rekindle the nostalgia, be sure to read up on all the ways World of Warcraft has changed in the 15 years it's been since launch.

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