WoW's Battle for Azeroth Troll Allied Race Boasts Unique Druid Forms, Because Mammals Suck

WoW's Battle for Azeroth Troll Allied Race Boasts Unique Druid Forms, Because Mammals Suck

Fur and warm blood are sooo 2017.

The Zandalari trolls, one of the new Allied Races in World of Warcraft's upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion, are an interesting bunch. Having evolved on an island separate from the other races of Azeroth, their physiology is unique—and that uniqueness is reflected in their Druid class alter-forms.

The Druid class in WoW can travel quickly in a feral cat form, absorb damage in a feral bear form, swim quickly as sea lions, fly as crows, and so on. Every race on Azeroth utilizes the same Druid animal alter-forms (with some small visual differences between them), but the Zandalari trolls are having none of that commoner junk.

See, the Zandalari trolls are essentially WoW's answer to Australians. Their island is home to a bizarre ecosystem where lizard-like creatures thrive in lieu of mammals and birds. According to data dug up and displayed at WowHead, their Druid animal alter-forms mostly resemble dinosaurs.

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Not all the Zandalari troll Druid forms have been dragged into the sunlight, but we've seen is cute. "Bears" are spiked turtles, almost a cross between an ankylosaur and a stegosaur. Their flight form is a tusked pterodactyl. Their quick-travel form is a "Ravasaur," a deinonychus-like theropod (that lacks feathers. Sigh).

I already had this discussion with Jurassic Park, Blizzard. Don't make me repeat myself.

Look forward to more info when Battle for Azeroth goes live later this year. Just don't expect the expansion to mosey on in through a vanilla patch.

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