Wulverblade: A Slice (and Dice) of Bloody British History

Wulverblade: A Slice (and Dice) of Bloody British History

What happens when you mix ancient British history, Golden Axe, and some gorgeous cartoon ultra-violence? Something like this...

Set in ancient Roman Britain and inspired by Sega’s classic 80’s coin-op Golden Axe, Wulverblade is a cartoon beat ‘em up that delivers its side-scrolling action old-school style. Though as you can see, its graphics are anything but.

Starring as Caradoc, guardian of the Northern tribes, it’s the player’s task to take on the 9th Roman Legion that has invaded and now controls the Southern part of Britannia. No mean feat, since the army numbers some 5,000 soldiers. But then, Caradoc is no mean tribesman. He has the kind of arcade-given special powers needed to take on an entire army of enemies and dispatch them in a variety of gratuitously gruesome ways.

Although Wulverblade is clearly an out-and-out arcade game, its action and storyline features characters drawn from the period, and plays out over eight historically notable British locations. Certainly an interesting juxtaposition of history lesson and head-butting, sword-slicing, blood spurting action – but one that we’re certainly interested to check out. Hopefully the gameplay will match the quality of the visuals.

Wulverblade is bound for Xbox One this Fall, as well as PC and Mac.

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