WW2 Sim 'Post Scriptum' Devs Apologize After Online Backlash Over Missing Features, Open Refunds for Any Player

Devs blame miscommunication for promoting game launch with missing features.

Periscope Games, the developers of the World War 2 online multiplayer sim Post Scriptum published an open letter to its community and players for promoting missing features in the game on the day of the launch.

A Reddit thread with over 5,000 upvotes titled, "Do not purchase the new indie WW2 game on steam titled 'Post Scriptum'" lists several features advertised by the game that aren't actually included in the release build. Post Scriptum claims the game has five maps, when it only launched with four, three game modes when there is only one at launch, and a development SDK for mods when the SDK is still not available.

Redditors claim the developers at Periscope Games are misleading the community, but in an open letter posted on the Post Scriptum Steam Page, Periscope says this is a result of poorly managed communication channels and outdated roadmaps for the game's release.

"We apologize beforehand for the honest mistake (we can't sincerely stress this enough) that the outdated information on our Steam page has caused some customers to feel mislead," writes Periscope Games studio director Romain Ferchat. As an apology Periscope games says it will ask Valve to open refunds for the game to any customer regardless of hours played until Friday August 17 next week.

Post Scriptum. Source: Periscope Games

"We are also aware of the complaints regarding what the full release version would be and that was mainly caused by the outdated information of our Steam page. We understand, once again, that you may feel mislead by this. A major part had to do once again with - which seems obvious now - poor management of our social media and propagation of information."

Periscope Games says it will be revamping efforts to communicate better on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and other social media platforms and that it will deliver the previously advertised content. Ferchat says that the SDK will be released once the current build is stable to allow for mods, a second game mode called "Armored" focusing on tank combat is in the works, and Ferchat shared screenshots of the fifth map, Arnhem.

The Post Scriptum Steam page has also been updated to include the fact that the remaining two game modes and SDK will be made available after the launch period. The number of maps available has also been corrected to four, from five.

Post Scriptum is a massive 80-player World War 2 sim aimed at providing an "authentic" WW2 military experience. The devs at Periscope focused heavily on historical accuracy and large scale, 40v40 battles. Players can play as either the British or German military, with a United States faction currently in-development. A standard edition of the game is currently available on Steam for $29.99.

Periscope Games confirmed that refunds are currently open and will be honored until 10am PST next Friday, August 17.

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