A Full Version of WWE 2K18 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

A Full Version of WWE 2K18 is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

No features will be lost in the Switch version.

WWE 2K18 is coming out for the Nintendo Switch, bringing the popular wrestling franchise to the Nintendo hybrid console.

Rumors (via GoNintendo) of a Nintendo Switch launch started popping up in June around the time 2K Sports announced knee-injured Seth Rollins as the cover star. An Austrian retail listing showed the title listed for the Nintendo Switch, but 2K Sports didn't comment on the rumors.

That rumor is now true, and the Switch version will apparently be the full version of the game, with a featureset the same as the other platforms, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This means MyCareer and Road to Glory multiplayer modes will be available across all three consoles.

A press release for the Switch version suggests that the new rendering engine will be available on the Switch. The new engine was widely publicized in early previews, and is a good indication that the Switch version certainly won't lag behind its console counterparts, though it's probably safe to assume there will be some difference in graphical parity.

What's interesting is how fully fleshed the Switch version of WWE 2K18 is compared to other multiplatform sports games on the Switch. FIFA for example comes with some features removed, making for a far lesser experience.

WWE 2K18 will launch on all three consoles on October 17, which is more specific than the Switch version's original Fall 2017 release window.

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