Xbox Creator Reveals "Tense" Encounter With Don Mattrick, Says He Didn't Believe in the Console

The future Xbox head didn't have faith apparently.

Seamus Blackley isn't just the creator of the Xbox, but he's a really good source for Xbox gossip. On Twitter, he's been known to share a lot of behind-the-scenes stories from the early days of the original Xbox. For example, Blackley recently recounted a tense meeting with then-EA Canada head Don Mattrick. The same Mattrick who would eventually head Xbox initially didn't believe in the console.

"I've never talked about this before, but the irony of Don Mattrick as Xbox Chief was huge for me," Blackley tweeted. "When I first came to EA Canada to present the idea of a Microsoft console, he nearly blocked me from addressing the company because he didn't believe it was possible.

Blackley described the encounter as "tense," which is a strong word to describe a meeting with the future head of Xbox. Presumably Blackley was able to give the presentation to EA given how Mattrick eventually became the head of Xbox in 2010. Three years later, Mattrick would unveil the Xbox One, and then leave Microsoft for Zynga.

Meanwhile Seamus Blackley left Microsoft in 2002, and is currently the CEO of an augmented reality startup. He hasn't abandoned the past though, as he still drops in on Twitter every now and then to share more Xbox nuggets; such as why it's impossible to get a video of the original Xbox loading screen.

Microsoft is reportedly working hard on its next-gen Xbox consoles. First, a disc-less Xbox One S is reportedly coming out in a few months, and we expect to hear more about Xbox Anaconda and Scarlett in the future.

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