Xbox One Controller Tweaks Incoming, Media Remote Spotted

Xbox One Controller Tweaks Incoming, Media Remote Spotted

Even more so than its predecessor, the Xbox One is a console that looks set to evolve gradually over time.

One of the innovations brought about by the last generation of consoles -- Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, just to be clear -- was the concept of a device whose functionality would evolve over time.

PC users had been familiar with this idea for a long time thanks to OS upgrades and the platform's inherent tweakability, of course, but in prior console generations the only real differences in hardware functionality came between specific models of the devices -- and even then, such differences tended to be very minor.

Between the several total revamps the Xbox interface got over its lifespan -- from "Blades" to "New Xbox Experience" to the current Metro-like OS the system has -- and the PS3's much-maligned regular firmware updates, both platforms grew and changed over time. Not necessarily for the better -- particularly in the case of Xbox, whose interface only got harder to navigate and more ad-infested with each new update -- but significant, nonetheless.

Titanfall's gaudy custom controller -- and the normal Xbox One controller, for that matter -- will supposedly be less "twitchy" after the update.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are likely to be much the same way -- and in the case of the former, an update is set to tweak a fundamental way some of the hardware works rather than just the on-screen user experience.

According to The Verge, an impending firmware update for Microsoft's new console will adjust controller behavior to be less "twitchy," particularly in first-person shooters. Specifically, the update, which will be applied as part of the February OS patch, will increase sensitivity at the outer boundaries of the controller's analog thumbsticks.

This isn't just a random tweak; it was reportedly implemented at the request of Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment, who worked alongside Microsoft to get the controller performing in a way they felt worked well with their game. This gives a pretty clear indication of how important Microsoft considers the Xbox One version of Titanfall to be -- a platform manufacturer adjusting the way a console interfaces with its core hardware is not something that happens every day.

The controller isn't the only aspect of Xbox One getting tweaked ahead of Titanfall's release; the console's oft-criticized Party Chat and Friends List features are also being addressed in the subsequent March update, which should be with us just before Titanfall hits store shelves.

In separate Xbox One news, it seems the system is soon to get yet another alternative control scheme on top of the controller, Kinect and SmartGlass options already available -- a dedicated media remote. First spotted on Amazon Italy, then subsequently the online retailer's UK site, the remote is yet to be officially announced and consequently appears to have been pulled from the latter, though a bare-bones page is still visible on the former at the time of writing.

The media remote is a small, compact affair that features basic navigation buttons, plus the... uh... three lines and pair of windows buttons (let's just call them Start and Select, shall we?) found on a conventional Xbox One controller.

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