Xbox VP Wants Cross-Progression on all Platforms

If not universal cross-play, perhaps cross-progression?

News by Hirun Cryer, .

Microsoft has been going big on promoting cross-play between Xbox and PC over the course of this console generation (and has lately been adding Switch to the mix). Now, Xbox corporate vice president Mike Ybarra has set his sights on cross-progression as a branch of this.

In the tweet from his personal Twitter account just below, Ybarra hopes for a future where cross-progression is the norm. The games industry is still working towards cross-play being the accepted standard, but it's always good to set your sights on a goal for the future.

Cross-play has been a hot issue of late. It's something that Xbox, PC, mobile, and Switch do well, and something that Sony do... not so well. Cross-play lets people play together across different platforms, for example you can play Fortnite on Xbox, and be matched up against players on PC and Switch.

Right now, cross-progression exists on a very limited amount of games. It's basically restricted to Xbox first-party games like State of Decay 2, where you can start a save file on your Xbox, and pick up from where you left off on your PC. Cross-progression on a game like Destiny 2 would be fantastic, as players wouldn't have had to start all over again like they did when the PC version released after the launch of the game on console.

But as we mentioned, even cross-play is still an ongoing issue. EA is "looking into" making FIFA 19 a cross-play game with other platforms, and Sony only recently offered an update on the possibility of PS4 being a cross-play console with other platforms.

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