XCOM 2: Base Building and Avenger Management Tips

XCOM 2: Base Building and Avenger Management Tips

Tips for building the best base of operations.

In XCOM 2, players must maintain and manage a stolen alien ship called the Avenger. This alien vessel serves as the primary base of operations, and its development progress is just as important as any strategic combat plan. Follow these tips to optimize the Avenger and reap the benefits of its development.

As you progress through the campaign, your base will need to develop certain attributes in order to accommodate the needs of your soldiers and staff. This guide outlines several key tips for building the best base of operations.

Keep Your Scientists Busy

Research is essentially the foundation of your progress aboard the Avenger. The scientists inform the engineers of their latest discoveries, which allows for advanced weapons and tech to be built. The two departments often work in tandem, but the types of buildable items available in the engineering department is based on the overall findings of your research team.

Your development progress is highly dependent on the amount of research done by Dr. Tygan and his fellow scientists. There really is no reason to have them sitting idle at any given time. As soon as the lab completes a research task, immediately assign them a new one. A constant flow of research ensures that new gear and facilities will consistently become available when you are ready to build them.

Add Scientists and Engineers to Your Crew

As mentioned in the previous tip, the scientists and engineers are your primary departments on the Avenger. The scientists research new technologies, while the engineers build any weapons, gear, or facilities that you need. It’s important to grow the number of staff in both of these departments to ensure you have the necessary manpower to make progress throughout the campaign.

Scientists and engineers can be earned as a reward for certain missions, or purchased on the Black Market. Seize any opportunity to earn scientists or engineers through missions, as this is always a better option than spending precious resources. However, hiring a new worker is always a worthy investment, so feel free to purchase a few if you’ve got the resources to spare.

Completing missions that offer a scientist or engineer as a reward will help expand your crew.

Excavate Alien Debris

When you’re in command of a captured alien ship, there’s bound to be a few caveats. In the center of the ship, you’ll notice there are several chambers that are clogged with alien components and debris. Put your engineers to work by assigning them to excavate these messy compartments.

Clearing out the alien debris in these chambers allows you to begin building new facilities that offer different upgrades and benefits for your soldiers and crew. As your labor force grows, you can assign engineers to staff different facilities throughout the Avenger to provide various stat boosts for the duration of their assignment.

Expand the Resistance Network

Making contact with new global regions is crucial for strengthening the Resistance. Early in the campaign, make sure to have the scientists research the Resistance Radio. Once you have cleared the alien debris from a few chambers, prioritize building the Resistance Comms sooner than later.

The Resistance Comms facility will allow you to expand the reach of the Resistance by making contact with new regions throughout the map. Your attempts to halt the progress of the Avatar Project is heavily dependent on the number of regions you’ve contacted.

Expanding the Resistance network grants access to new sources of income and supply drops, along with new mission opportunities. You can increase the number of contacts you can have by upgrading the Resistance Comms facility and assigning engineers to work within it. You can wait to make this your second or third facility, just try not to wait too long, as the Avatar Project is slowly making progress every day.

Make contact with new regions to expand the reach of the Resistance network.

Manage Your Intel

Most of your base management comes down to maintaining a steady quantity of supplies and Intel. Intel can be spent on the Black Market to purchase gear, upgrades, or workers, and is also required for expanding the Resistance to new contact regions. Intel can be difficult to come by, so you’ll need to manage your spending to ensure you don’t blow through this precious resource too quickly.

Intel is mainly gained by successfully completing missions. You can also sell certain items on the Black Market to pad your wallet as well. If you don’t have any important tasked lined up and have time to spare, keep in mind that you can return to the Resistance HQ to run a scan. This will grant you a gradual flow of Intel while passing the in-game time.

Prioritize and Build Facilities

Facilities are essentially new departments that can be built on your ship to expand the amenities available to your crew. Each facility offers benefits that can enhance the capabilities of your soldiers, or develop new functions for the Avenger. While you will ultimately want to build all the facilities, doing so costs a hefty chunk of money and manpower. Try to prioritize building certain facilities before others in order to efficiently enhance your base.

In the early stages of the campaign, you should prioritize building either the Guerilla Tactics School, or the Advanced Warfare Center. The Guerilla Tactics School allows you to upgrade your squad with a variety of perks called Combat Tactics. One valuable tactic is the ability to increase the number of soldiers you can take on a mission, which is very helpful on the battlefield. This is also where you can train rookies to become specific class types. The Advanced Warfare Center acts as a medical facility where you can send wounded soldiers to heal up after a mission, and even retrain their abilities. Both facilities are great early game options and should be prioritized first.

Keep in mind that the facilities require power. The more facilities you build, the more power you'll need to operate each one. After building a couple facilities, you will likely need to construct a Power Relay to increase the power supply of the Avenger. While excavating alien debris, keep an eye out for a room that contains a power coil. Building a Power Relay in a room with a power coil will increase its overal power output. Read through the descriptions of each facility, and carefully decide the order to construct each one based on your strategic approach going forward.

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