Yakuza 0 Patch 1 on Steam Rolled Back After Players Report Crashing Problems

No word yet on a fix.

The Yakuza series made its PC debut last week with the release of Yakuza 0 on Steam. But it seems like the landing hasn't been completely smooth after Sega announced today that it is rolling back Patch 1 after complaints that Yakuza 0 experienced crashes after the patch went live.

"While our patch showed no issues in testing, it appears that Patch 1 is causing issues for some users who had no issues previously," writes Sega in an update to the Yakuza 0 Steam page. "Therefore, we are rolling back the patch while we continue to investigate."

Yakuza 0

Patch 1 was meant to fix crashing issues during cutscenes and gameplay, during a fight in Chapter 10, and during certain mini-games. However, after the patch it seems that more players are experiencing crashing, or issues where they can't get the game to boot.

The main thing appears to be that it's not quite clear where the problem is for some players. On Steam some users are complaining that their game worked fine before the Patch, but now doesn't. Others say the Patch did help fix their versions of the game, and others more say that their games stopped working after the patch was rolled back.

No word yet on when we might see a new fix for Yakuza 0 on Steam, but we reached out to Sega for more details.

We really did like Yakuza 0 when we played it on the PlayStation 4. Seeing the Yakuza series available on PC to an even bigger audience means that more players can play one of our Game of the Year contenders for 2017. Once the problems are fixed that is.

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