Yakuza Director: PS5 Graphics are the Best We've Ever Seen, But PS4 Will Remain Relevant

Sega's Yakuza boss has some thoughts on the PS5.

Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi appeared on the latest Sega-Nama broadcast to answer questions about the new Yakuza game. As it happens, he also talked a bit about the PlayStation 5. It appears the man behind Yakuza has gotten a look at what the PS5 is capable of and came away impressed.

In a translation from Gematsu, Nagoshi says that the "processing power of PlayStation 5 is incredible," and that if that power was used for graphics, "it'll be the best that we've yet to see." However, Nagoshi seems to also suggest that the adoption for the PS5 might not be immediately immense.

"Even after PlayStation 5 is released, I think PlayStation 4 is going to be the main focus for a while longer." Sony has made a big point to mention that the next-gen PS5 will support backwards compatibility. In this case, it could be a scenario similar to the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X where games will certainly perform better on the newest console but will still work on PS4.

If that's the case then customers might not see the immediate need to upgrade to the PS5 right away. After all, CEOs like Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot have even said that he believes consoles will only have one more generation before streaming takes over.

Nagoshi also spoke briefly about the next Yakuza game starring the new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. Nagoshi says that the story for the next Yakuza game is done and that Kasuga will be a very different protagonist from Kiryu.

For more on the PlayStation 5, check out our PlayStation 5 guide for everything we know about Sony's upcoming console.

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