Your Arch Nemesis (and Best Buddy) from Shadow of Mordor Can Be Imported to Shadow of War

Your Arch Nemesis (and Best Buddy) from Shadow of Mordor Can Be Imported to Shadow of War

Just like an elephant, an Orc never forgets.

I don't remember my arch nemesis of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but I remember getting sick of him. He would roll in when I least expected it, cockney accent over-accentuated. He'd fuck up my plans, my day really, on the regular. But that's what made Shadow of Mordor worth playing: the vengeful enemies were smart, they remembered you, and they remembered that time you stuck a sword through their eye to boot.

Luckily in the highly anticipated sequel Shadow of War, your favorite nemesis from Shadow of Mordor can return to haunt and stalk you again. Using the Nemesis Forge system links your Shadow of Mordor save with your upcoming Shadow of War one (accessible by launching the first game and selecting the option). With the Nemesis Forge, you'll see a familiar arch nemesis again in Shadow of War, and your most powerful ally too.

You can implement the Nemesis Forge now if you've played enough of Shadow of Mordor on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. If you haven't played Shadow of Mordor at all, then you're in luck with its current free-to-start trial on Xbox One and PC, which is running until July 9 for Xbox Live Gold Members. In the meantime, access that Forge in Shadow of Mordor and ready up for October 10 when your greatest rival and friend join the game semi-expectedly. An orc never forgets.

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