You Can Adopt the Dog in Super Mario Odyssey, but Nobody Seems to Know How

You Can Adopt the Dog in Super Mario Odyssey, but Nobody Seems to Know How

The dog chooses its master, not the other way around.

There is a dog in the Odyssey and no one sees it but me.

I think, "Why?" Am I nuts for thinking this is exceptional? Does anyone else see this? Did I accidentally drop acid and not realize? I must take a photo. I must verify later, when I'm not potentially tripping balls.

I've already talked a bit about Super Mario Odyssey's very good boy, the Shiba Inu who appears in each level and digs up rewards for Mario. Though benevolent, the Shiba serves no gods or kings. Like The Littlest Hobo, Super Mario Odyssey's Shiba lacks a master. He wanders from place to place, lending a paw to people who need him.

Or so I thought.

It appears if you meet certain criteria, the Shiba Inu will adopt you. He makes himself cozy in the Odyssey, alongside all the junk you collected in each kingdom (give me my rubber T-Rex figurine or give me death). Thing is, nobody seems to know how to impress upon the Shiba and make him your companion.

The Super Mario subreddit has a few guesses, including clearing certain post-game content or grabbing a certain number of Power Moons.

"Welcome home. I shed on everything."

I'll say this much: You can't make the Shibe love you. The other day, I tried to push the Oceanside Shiba into the Odyssey. The pupper was having none of it. This is not a relationship that can be forced.

Have you solved the mystery of how to make the Shibe love you? Please share the knowledge, provided it's not a sacred dog secret.

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