You Can Download the Dark Souls Remastered Network Test on the Nintendo Switch Right Now

You Can Download the Dark Souls Remastered Network Test on the Nintendo Switch Right Now

Praise the Sun!

Ready to return to Lordan on the train? The network test for Dark Souls Remastered can now be downloaded on the Nintendo Switch, but you can only access the online features if you're a subscriber to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The download for the Dark Souls Remastered Network Test is available right now on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop for free, and weighs in at right around 888MB. "A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for online play", reads the description of the download, so you'll still be play without a membership, albeit offline.

You'll have to wait until October to get your hands on the Dark Douls Solaire amiibo.

The test servers will be live and playable at the following times, on the following dates:

  • 9/21: 5 pm - 9 pm PT
  • 9/22: 5 pm - 9 pm PT
  • 9/23: 5 pm - 9 pm PT

In the limited network test, you can explore the Undead Parish, both online and offline. Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch launches on October 19, 2018.

The Nintendo Switch Online service itself launched just yesterday on September 18, arriving with the option to download 20 NES games onto your Switch. For everything else you need to know about the brand new subscription service, head over to our Nintendo Switch Online guide.

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