You Can Finally Gift Any Xbox One or Microsoft Store PC Game

Microsoft opens up its game gifting program to all games, at last.

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We've all gotten games on Steam through gifting, and we've all at one point or another gifted games too. It's always a pleasant surprise. Opening up your library, seeing a new game you didn't know would be hitting your inbox. Now, Microsoft is joining in on the fun with game gifting being available across all Xbox One and Microsoft Store PC games too, as announced yesterday in a blog post.

This isn't a totally new concept though. Last November, just a few digital games were enabled for Xbox One game gifting. The service proved to be popular, so Microsoft has expanded it across all games on the online storefront. It's an easy process too, as there is a "Buy as Gift" button right next to purchase. On PC, users enter the recipient's email, whereas on Xbox One, players choose from their friend lists' Gamertags.

An example of the new option. Image: Microsoft.

There are limits though. Unfortunately for Xbox Backwards Compatible fans, users cannot gift Xbox 360 or original Xbox games. The same goes for free games, pre-orders of new games, or select consumable downloadable content, like V-Bucks in Fortnite. Also your international friends might be SOL, because giftees can only redeem whatever you gift in the territory it was bought from. Users are also limited to 10 discounted games per 14 days, though full-price games have no limit.

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