You Can Find a Tiny, Adorable Master Chief Riding a Scorpion in Every Xbox One X

You Can Find a Tiny, Adorable Master Chief Riding a Scorpion in Every Xbox One X

Kind of like the hidden Mickeys in Disney Land.

Microsoft's been adding a little easter egg in their most recent Xbox consoles, including the Xbox One X. However, you won't find them unless you're willing to tear apart your expensive purchase.

According to Spanish tech YouTube channel Unocero (h/t Eurogamer), the video team found a neat little illustration carved into the console's board of a little Master Chief riding a scorpion. This is presumably because the Xbox One X was developed under the working title of "Scorpio" and Master Chief is the de facto mascot of the Xbox brand.

This is actually the second reported Master Chief found on a Xbox console. Inside the Xbox One S, you can apparently find another Master Chief carved into the console. He's by himself this time, but he's drawn in a similar, cutesy art style.

If this is a recurring motif with the Xbox line going forward, expect many teardown videos from YouTubers in search of a hidden Master Chief on each new Xbox console.

Header image by way of Eurogamer

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