Get Dys4ia Dev's New CYOA Game This Halloween

Feeling a hankerin' for good ol' fashioned adventurin'? Try a very very VERY scary house.

News by Cassandra Khaw, .

Much like a lot of other people, my first real encounter with Anna Anthropy's work was Dys4ia, a startlingly poignant look into what hormone replacement therapy can entail. Since then, I've been avidly following (and enjoying) Anthropy's creations. I even lucked out once and interviewed her for a series on the now-sadly defunct 1up. (Rest in peace. We all miss you.)

A very very VERY scary house is Anthropy's latest game and it's unique among her work because it's the only one that comes with a price tag. ( To be exact, it costs about $2 to purchase.) What exactly is a very very VERY scary house? As the title implicates, it's a digital choose-your-own-adventure game, one made for the adorably tactile choosatron and happily capable of running on Twine. Adorned with cool art and laden with 58 different endings, a very very VERY scary house will call upon you to do what adventurers do best: explore. Will you meet skeletons? Meet a sphinx? Lose your way and get brutally murdered? I'm not going to tell you. You're going to have to find out.

The game, which was made over the course of a week, is quite expansive: 11, 000 words in 197 passages. It's also dedicated to Anthropy's familiar, which is a sweet footnote in this tale. I won't go into the Anthropy's arguments about pushbacks and game distribution; you can read about it here. However, I fully endorse getting the game because frankly, Antrophy's a pretty kick-ass writer and I can't see this not being a delight to read. Especially not when it's all being handed over for the price of a cup of coffee.

Buy a very very VERY scary house.

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