You Can Now Get Necromancer, a PC Engine JRPG from 1988, on the Wii U Virtual Console

You Can Now Get Necromancer, a PC Engine JRPG from 1988, on the Wii U Virtual Console

Not a bad opportunity to practice your Japanese.

Hey, RPG fans! If your Wii U hasn't been entirely mobbed and devoured by ravenous dust bunnies, you might want to consider picking up an interesting tidbit Konami just set free on the Virtual Console.

"Necromancer" is a PC Engine RPG from 1988 that also dabbles in horror. You and two pals set out on a top-down adventure to find "Necromancer," a sword capable of slaying the great evil invading your homeland. You can choose from five allies, and each one has a unique skill that'll help you on your pixelated journey.

I have no face and I must grind.

The PC Engine came to North America as the TurboGrafx-16, but Necromancer didn't come along with it. In fact, Necromancer has never been translated into English—and if you buy the game for the Virtual Console, it's still not translated. The small print at the bottom of Necromancer's Virtual Console page reads, "This is a Japanese Import title. Import games may contain foreign language (audio and/or text) or other references that are unknown to consumers. This RPG is Japanese only and requires proficiency in the Japanese language to play."

Still, a lot of older Japanese RPGs aren't too hard to blunder through with little or no understanding of the language. Necromancer is a rare opportunity to experience an official release of an obscure game, and it's cool to see this kind of niche title on the Virtual Console. Too bad the Virtual Console is, uh, almost dead. Well, celebrate the small triumphs.

Battle Chopper also arrived on the Wii U Virtual Console today. No Japanese proficiency is necessary here: Destruction from above is a universal language.

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