You Can Play a Demo for Tomb Raider 2 Remade in Unreal Engine 4 Today

You Can Play a Demo for Tomb Raider 2 Remade in Unreal Engine 4 Today

The Dagger of Xian level is available now to try out.

The Tomb Raider franchise has had a pretty good run, especially after its critically-acclaimed 2013 reboot. But if you're a fan of the old-school Tomb Raider games and just wish they were a bit prettier, I have some news for you. Developer Nicobass and his small team released a demo of their remake of Tomb Raider 2 using Unreal engine 4 and you can play it right now.

Nicobass and his team (which includes Inna Vjuzhanina on art, Jennifer Milward as Lara's VA, Alexandre Serel on writing, and Dean Kopri on music) have been working on this project for quite some time, but today is the first time the team put out something fans can play. Nicobass also has a backlog of videos on YouTube showing of their project, which you can check out below.

Tomb Raider 2 first came out in 1997 for the PlayStation and is actually the second best selling game in the franchise. You can download the demo for the Dagger of Xian level at where you can also find the PC specs for the game, images, and additional videos.

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