You Can Play Elite: Dangerous Right Now for $150

You Can Play Elite: Dangerous Right Now for $150

The legendary space sim is back, and you can jump on board early if you're willing to cough up.

David Braben's upcoming reboot of the legendary space sim series Elite is making good progress, and Kickstarter backers who signed up for alpha access have been playing for a while.

The next big milestone in the game's development is the Premium Beta, which is set for full launch on May 30 -- but a single-player combat build is available for you to try right now. If you're willing to pay, that is.

Elite's come a long way since 1984.

A whopping $150 will grant you access to the Premium Beta when it launches, along with the current single-player build for you to try while you wait. Your $150 does also net you a full copy of the game when it finally releases, however, along with all premium DLC expansion packs as they're released. And the plan is for these expansions to be pretty significant affairs, adding whole new gameplay elements such as planetary landings and the ability to get out of your ship and do stuff other than flying around the galaxy hoping you don't run into Thargoids in hyperspace. (Probably.)

Alternatively, you can cough up $75 for access to the Standard Beta, which will launch after the Premium Beta phase ends -- though this tier of support does not provide lifetime access to the expansions as they're released. For that, you can bolt on the $50 "Expansion Pass" to your order, which for a total of $125 will give you everything from the Premium Beta tier save for the earlier access to the beta version of the game.

The reason the prices are so relatively high for these access levels are because you're not just buying the game -- you're effectively backing its development a little later than the original Kickstarter campaign. The prices for which the various packages are offered are in line with the original Kickstarter campaign -- they're simply available via Frontier Developments' online store rather than Kickstarter. You can expect the finished game's price to be more in line with what you'd expect from a new title when it eventually releases.

You can find out more about the game and the various beta packages over at the official site.

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