You Can Turn Dragon Ball FighterZ into an Atari Lynx Game If You Lower Your PC Settings Far Enough

You Can Turn Dragon Ball FighterZ into an Atari Lynx Game If You Lower Your PC Settings Far Enough

"It's Buu versus Vegeta! ...I think."

Playing Dragon Ball FighterZ is much like playing an actual episode of the anime (albeit a cracked-out episode where someone's fanfiction comes to life). Those of us who've been fans of the show since the '90s are proud to see our beloved franchise rise to such godlike heights in the gaming sphere.

I'm not suggesting I want to make a return to the long stretch of years when Dragon Ball Z-themed fighting games offered bland polygons and blurry textures, but seeing Dragon Ball FighterZ run on its lowest PC settings hits me hard in my nostalgia muscle (located just below the solar plexus).

Over on Twitter, "Nittomata" posted video after they got the idea to make Dragon Ball FighterZ's PC settings as 2001 as possible. The thick-lined results are eerily reminiscent of a PlayStation game.

Great! But the characters are still recognizable! Let's drop things down to 300 x 200, "the normal resolution of an IBM PC from 1981-1983."

No. This is the single most awe-inspiring wonder I've ever witnessed.

Oh, man. Look out, Game Boy. With this hot exclusive, your days are numbered.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but if you play on console, you can't sink the game's performance down to an Activision game circa 1984.

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