You Can't Unlock the Destiny 2 Pre-Order Loot Right Away

Here are the conditions to get your hands on the Coldheart.

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Destiny 2 pre-orders come with two, really unique bits of downloadable bonuses but you'd be mistaken if you think you'll have access to them right away.

Pre-ordering Destiny 2 nabs you the Coldheart exotic trace rifle, legendary sword, and the Kill-Tracker Ghost, all of which are exclusive to pre-order customers until December. However, just punching in the pre-order codes and redeeming them won't put these two items into your arsenal.

Instead, Bungie will have you beat the entire story campaign for Destiny 2 and hit the level 20 cap before you can start blasting away with your new toy. Once those conditions have been cleared, you can claim your two items at the Gunsmith.

Destiny 2 Coldheart

The Coldheart trace rifle is an arc weapon for your energy gun slot, and a brand new type of weapon for the game. Meanwhile, the Kill-Tracker is a ghost shell that shows your campaign and Crucible kill count on the screen, which is pretty useful since you won't be constantly bringing up the kill menu.

The rest of the pre-order goods like special edition emblems and emotes won't be locked behind the level 20 cap or story completion gate. Instead you can access those the moment you reach The Farm, Destiny 2's new social space.

Pre-order customers can get either the legendary Salute emote or Cabal emblem that comes with the limited edition from the vault kiosk in the Farm, as well as any Moments of Triumph emblems from the first Destiny you might have gotten.

So if you think you can just waltz into the game with a rare exotic waiting for you, well, the more you know.

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