You Don't Know Jack Goes Fully Free-to-Play

The mobile and social version of the comedy quiz opens up free access to 300 episodes.

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Late last year, independent developer Jackbox Games brought the classic irreverent comedy quiz game You Don't Know Jack firmly into the 21st century by releasing mobile and social versions for Facebook, iOS and Android.

The new versions of the game successfully captured the atmosphere of the original CD-ROM editions from the late '90s, but some players found themselves frustrated by the restrictive freemium mechanics that had been placed atop the base experience. You could only play a single "episode" for free each day, for example; if you wanted to play more, you'd have to either pay up or spend a significant number of days playing without fail to earn enough currency to do so.

Nearly a year after its original release -- and 4.5 million downloads of the mobile versions later -- Jackbox Games has decided to relax some of these restrictions and make the game into a truly free-to-play experience, with unlimited free daily play now available for all players. With over 300 episodes already available in the archive, that's a significant bank of questions to play with, and more are still coming.

"We have a core group of loyal fans who really prefer to play episodically," said Mike Bilder, general manager of Jackbox Games. "When they do play, they engage in much longer gaming sessions than your typical mobile app. With this title update, we're ready to support fans' desire to play the way they want."

The 300+ episodes already available include a selection of special themed episodes, plus 17 "celebrity guest" episodes including appearances by Bob Odenkirk, Adrianna Curry and Paul F. Tompkins. All are available to play at any time without the need to buy "tokens" to access.

The game's still got to make some money, however; consequently, the base experience is still ad-supported, as it has been in the past, and there's a $2.99 upgrade option to remove said ads and support the game. Additional in-app purchases are also available for "enhancers" (cheats, effectively) and other optional content.

New episodes will continue to be released regularly, and the new update comes hot on the heels of the brand new You Don't Know Jack Party game for iOS, which allows players with multiple iOS devices to compete together, with questions either displayed on a TV (via Apple TV) or a dedicated "host" device.

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