You Might Actually Want to Grab A Mozambique In Apex Legends Now

You Might Actually Want to Grab A Mozambique In Apex Legends Now

In Apex Legends: Season 2, a joke of a weapon just got viable.

There have been a lot of hotly anticipated changes heading into Apex Legends season two. The map set to be overrun with wildlife. The new character, Wattson, making her electrifying debut. A medley of weapon and character buffs and nerfs. My most anticipated change was something different though: the Mozambique finally becoming formidable. At least, I hoped.

The Mozambique Shotgun has long been a joke in the realm of Kings Canyon. Upon launch, its variety of weapons received all sorts of praise: people love the Wingman for its precision, the Peacekeeper for its power, the R-301 for a pinch, the Spitfire fully kitted out, the deadliness of the Havoc or Devotion when the Turbocharger's attached. The Mozambique has been left out of the love, and in fact, became a meme. In opening scrambles, people didn't even bother to pick it up out of desperation. That's how useless it was: your fists were more deadly than what some dubbed as the pea shooter.

Not so useless anymore. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Respawn Entertainment/EA

Yet lo and behold, the Mozambique Shotgun, the pistol-sized shotty that you might mistake for environmental dressing for how little it's even picked up by players, has gotten a major upgrade for the season two patch. It can take a brand new hop-up, the Hammerpoint Rounds, which increases the damage of the Mozambique or P2020 pistol to unshielded targets. In other words, it's great for those first moments of a match, or end moments of a battle.

The downside is that it's really only useful if you find that hop-up. The P2020 and RE-45 are pistols that are largely fine on their own when in dire situations, but the Mozambique remains largely ineffective thanks to its strange horizontal firing plane. But when you find the Hammerpoint, everything changes.

Last night in my pursuit to finish up my Daily Challenges, a new addition to season two, I made an earnest effort to prioritize the weapons with new hop-ups: from the Mozambique to the Alternator and RE-45's new Disruptor Rounds. The Disruptor hop-up also increases the damage per its ammo, much like the P2020 and Mozambique, only it's more useful against shielded targets rather than unshielded ones. And just like that, Apex Legends made four oft-forgotten weapons suddenly viable again.

What I found in my playtime last night was that yes, with the hop-up, the Mozambique is actually worth grabbing now. I can see it being useful too as a back-up weapon in firefights; maybe even with an Alternator with the Disruptor as your A-weapon, and the Mozambique with the Disruptor as your B. In a flash, these loadouts can be beneficial; whittle down a foe's shields, and then use a weapon that's stronger against unshielded enemies to knock 'em down.

Just a month ago, Apex Legends lead product manager Lee Horn told me in an interview that Respawn Entertainment "embrace the meme quality of the Mozambique." In a patch update recently, discarding the gun even got a silly dramatic animation; as if the player's character was throwing a tantrum while discarding the Mozambique.

And now online, whether on Twitter or on Reddit, I've seen fans all around praising the reinvention and newfound usefulness of the Mozambique. (And by extension, guns like the Alternator too.) In one hilarious image, someone stumbled upon a gold Mozambique, which is, honestly, a ridiculous sight. Others are creating clip compilations of surprising kills, wherein the Mozambique delivers over 100 in damage with just one shot in some instances—which is a wild prospect. It's a shocking prospect; and while without a hop-up the Mozambique remains just as basically useless as ever, with the new attachment, it's a genuine option now.

The big season two changes isn't the first time Respawn has tried to make the weapons commonly picked up in battle more diverse. In a recent patch pre-season two, Respawn Entertainment also made a few minor but impactful tweaks on its sniper rifles. Now with season two, Respawn's shaken up the dynamic once again, and who knows, maybe I'll finally see less constant R-301 and Wingman duos. Maybe it's finally time for new loadouts to get a chance to shine. And the Mozambique, against all odds, is somehow leading that pack.

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