You're Not a Real Final Fantasy 7 Fan Until You Spend $2500 on These Watches

You're Not a Real Final Fantasy 7 Fan Until You Spend $2500 on These Watches

Now you can count exactly how many seconds the Knights of the Round summon sucks away from your life.

When the Apple Watch debuted in 2015, I saw more than one editorial lamenting the death of the analogue timepiece. "Used to be a watch was something that you handed down through generations," Boomers sighed.

Well buck up traditionalists, because Square Enix is offering a watch that you'll be proud to hand down to your descendants, even as they look up at you and ask, "Grandpapa, what's a 'Sephiroth?'" Yes, you can own a lovely handcrafted Final Fantasy 7-themed timepiece—if you have $2,499.99 to spare. Ho boy. Yeah, time is precious, but this is a little extra. Nevertheless, this line of watches has its fans: Square Enix has offered the watch before, and it seemingly sold through its stock.

If you cast Haste, do the hands move at 2x speed? | Square Enix

The Final Fantasy 7 "Chronograph" comes in two flavors: Cloud Strife and Sephiroth. Both are manufactured by Seiko Instruments of Japan, a master manufacturer of timepieces. The Cloud watch is adorned with the moody hero's "Cloudy Wolf" emblem, and Sephiroth's watch carries the One-Winged Angel emblem. Sephiroth's watch is also black, which is a reference to the Black Materia he uses to summon Meteor.

I don't have $2,499.99 lying around to buy either of these watches. To be honest, though, I kind of wish I did. These watches appear to be extremely well-built; there's even a transparent backing that lets you watch the piece's innards tick away.

Unsurprisingly, these watches are in limited supply. You can reserve one now in time for its March 2020 release date.

Speaking of release dates, the long-awaited Final Fantasy 7 Remake was delayed from March 3 to April 10. Game producer Yoshinori Kitase says he hopes to use the time to apply a little more polish to the finished product. I guess if you order one of these watches, it should arrive in enough time to let you count down those last few minutes until the big day finally arrives.

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