YouTube Musician Seth Everman Plays the Wii's Mii Channel Music on Labo, and Things Get Weird

YouTube Musician Seth Everman Plays the Wii's Mii Channel Music on Labo, and Things Get Weird

The 1 Million + Sub YouTube star has created yet another must-watch video game music video.

There have been a lot (let's say one million, sounds about right) of YouTube videos showing people playing famous music using the Nintendo Labo Piano. The latest is from semi-famous YouTube musician Seth Everman, and it quickly descends into the kind of weirdness most those other videos were missing. This is the Wii Mii Channel music played as you haven't seen before.

As you can see in the video above, Everman puts his own spin on the performance, which ends up being a long way from a traditional piano recital. You may remember Everman from his hugely popular videos that see him playing different video game music genres.

Casual play.

Music Genre: Video Game and Music Genre: Video Game 2 have a combined 8+ million views between them. We've embedded the videos below if you missed them when they were doing the rounds last year.

Seth's deadpan expression works wonderfully with his performances. Hopefully one day he can do the entire Out Run soundtrack.

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