You've Only Got a Few Days Left to Attend Your Own Funeral in Destiny 2

You've Only Got a Few Days Left to Attend Your Own Funeral in Destiny 2

Maybe put on a nice set of armor before you go.

Usually, the phrase "it's your funeral" wouldn't mean all that much in the context of Destiny. After all, Guardians have already died once, been resurrected by their Ghost, and can easily be brought back from most mortal perils. With the aid of time travel, even a permanent death can be avoided—and, for that very reason, players only have a few more days to go see their own funeral in Destiny 2 before that timeline vanishes.

Bungie warns that after Tuesday, January 28, with Destiny 2's regular weekly reset, players won't be able to access the Corridors of Time anymore. The sprawling, seemingly looping environment added in the Season of Dawn was the site of Destiny 2's latest community-wide puzzle, which took close to a week for players to finish. It's also the only place where you can see the Titan Saint-14 (whose death was also prevented by some time trickery) deliver a eulogy to your Guardian, which will change depending on what you've accomplished in your time with Destiny.

To see the special scene, you'll need to follow the same route through the Corridors of Time that players had to piece together in order to complete the puzzle and reap its reward: a quest for a new Exotic weapon. There are also a handful of lore entries hidden down shorter pathways that helped kick off the whole puzzle.

As previously announced, players will still be able to nab the same weapon quest for the Exotic Bastion fusion rifle after the weekly reset. Some players were a little disappointed that Bastion was the big reward after days of puzzling since it was already shown on a roadmap for the season, but at least it'll be available for players who don't have the time to traipse through the Corridors.

If you are eager to hear Saint-14 say some nice things about your dearly departed Guardian, the pathway you'll need to take can be found here. We recommend putting on some nice armor and a jet-black shader, but it is your funeral after all. If you want to put on a Halloween mask, wear a neon breastplate, and toss some grenades around, be your own guest.

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