YoYo Games to Publish GameMaker Titles

YoYo Games to Publish GameMaker Titles

When GameMaker is used to build the next Undertale, YoYo Games might be there to lend a hand.

YoYo Games, the developers of GameMaker software, announced a new independent publishing division today. In the future, YoYo will partner with select developers who engineer "high quality, innovative indie games" using GameMaker and offer support with distribution and other factors.

YoYo's announcement went up earlier today on the studio's official blog. "We are blessed with a very creative community, who create highly innovative games," says James Cox, the General Manager of YoYo Games. "There is a real opportunity for us to act as a conduit to success for these developers, by providing them with our commercial expertise, advanced knowledge of the GameMaker platform and the investment clout that can take them to the next level and beyond."

GameMaker makes it easier for aspiring developers to bring their more ... creative ideas to life.

It's no surprise YoYo wants to throw its weight behind indie developers who use GameMaker. The intuitive software birthed some of the most celebrated games in the industry, including Undertale, Nidhogg, Hyper Light Drifter, and Downwell. GameMaker offers developers a simple drag-and-drop interface, which lets anyone bring their game ideas to life without thinking too hard about coding—though there's also an option to learn and use "GameMaker Language," a digestible programming language that allows for the development of more complicated projects.

Both Undertale and Downwell rank as two of our all-time favorite games here at USgamer, so here's to more budding developers expressing themselves through YoYo's initiative.

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