Ys Origin Brings the Series's Start to Switch Later This Year

Ys Origin Brings the Series's Start to Switch Later This Year

Switch into some top-down dungeon crawling.

Nihon Falcom has a growing appetite for Nintendo Switch development, and RPG fans stand to benefit. Another Nihon Falcom game, Ys Origin, is getting a digital and physical release (the latter courtesy of Limited Run Games) on the Switch later this year.

"A thrilling adventure awaits you. Ys Origin is coming to Nintendo Switch late this year," publisher Dotemu tweeted earlier this morning. First released on the PC in 2006, Ys Origin is a prequel that takes place long before the birth of its iconic red-haired protagonist, Adol Christin. In fact, it tells the story of the titular land of Ys, the mysterious continent once ruled over by two goddesses who vanished amid a demon invasion. You play as the knight Yunica Tovah, the mage Hugo Fact, and a dark warrior called The Claw as they search the demons' tower for the missing goddesses.

Ys Origin utilizes a top-down action-RPG style that's similar to several other games in the series. If you've already played Ark of Naphishtim or The Oath in Felghana, you know what to expect from Origin. Unlike most Ys games, however, Origin is primarily set in Darm, the tower the demons build in hopes of reaching the floating paradise of Ys.

Limited Run's collector edition of Ys Origin includes a poster, a physical copy of the official OST, and a collector's box. Pre-orders open tomorrow.

Ys Origin is currently on PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita (RIP), and Xbox One. There's no solid release date for the Switch version of the game beyond "late this year." Trails of Cold Steel, another Nihon Falcom game, recently received a Switch release.

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