Yup, Elder Scrolls 6 is Still Next-Gen, Still Long Ways Away

Yup, Elder Scrolls 6 is Still Next-Gen, Still Long Ways Away

Don't hold your breath.

Although Bethesda revealed The Elder Scrolls 6's existence at this year's E3 it was a far cry from an official announcement. At PAX Australia Bethesda once again reiterated just how far away Elder Scrolls 6 is to release.

ZeniMax Online Studios' Matt Firor appeared with Gamespot at PAX Australia and reiterated that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be out anytime soon and will be after Bethesda's sci-fi IP Starfield. "The easiest thing is look at ow it was announced," Firor said. "It was Starfield and then Elder Scrolls 6. You can go back and count the years between Bethesda Game Studios releases, and you'll get the idea that it's not coming anytime soon."

Firor is so confident he says that "there will be a different console generation by then, I'm sure" when it comes to Elder Scrolls 6's release.

Bethesda director Todd Howard said the same thing at E3 2018 when he revealed Elder Scrolls 6 and then said it was in pre-production. Starfield is already being slated as a next-gen title (or cross-gen), so it stands to reason that Elder Scrolls 6 – which is coming after Starfield – will also be next-gen.

Luckily it seems both Sony and Microsoft are charging towards next-gen hardware with talks of both the PS5 and Project Scarlett Xbox underway.

In the meantime, you can play Bethesda's current-gen title, Fallout 76, in just a few short weeks. Check out our Fallout 76 guide for all the latest info.

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