Zelda A Link to the Past: How to Get the Book of Mudora

Zelda A Link to the Past: How to Get the Book of Mudora

You’ll need the Book of Mudora to get into the Desert Palace. Here’s where to find it.

A Link to the Past is a must-play for fans of the Zelda series. Not only does it pave the way for icons like Ocarina of Time, it realizes the lofty goals set out by its predecessor. It’s surprising just how modern it is in game design, though there are a few moments where you might get a bit lost. One such moment is just before entering the Desert Palace, as you’re likely to run into a statue blocking the entrance. You’ll need the Book of Mudora to move it, and you’ll find instructions on how to get it.

Where is the Book of Mudora?

To get into the Desert Palace, the second dungeon in A Link to the Past, you’ll need to get the Book of Mudora. You’ll find it by heading back to Kakariko Village. The building you’re looking for can be found by exiting the village from its south entrance. Walk left and you’ll see a library, with a book on its sign. Once inside, all you need to do is use the Pegasus Boots to run at the shelves and knock the book down. If you have yet to get the Pegasus Boots, take the first Pendant to the Old Man that sent you off to collect them.

How to Use the Book of Mudora and Access the Desert Palace

The second dungeon in A Link to the Past can be found in the South-West part of the map. Upon arrival, you’ll see a stone tablet, and a statue blocking your way. To get inside, simply equip the Book of Mudora to X, and then use it on the tablet. This will translate the ancient text and will clear the way forward.

Where Else Can You Use the Book of Mudora?

After you’ve made your way into the Desert Palace, there are a handful of different locations where you can use the book. Here’s where:

  • Pedestal of Time
  • Death Mountain Tablet
  • Desert of Mystery Tablet

That’s all we have on the Book of Mudora in A Link to the Past. For more Zelda content on USG, be sure to check out our guides on the recent Link’s Awakening Remake. For a look at how ALTTP stacks up against others in the series, check out our definitive Zelda Ranking. Elsewhere, we also did a massive deep dive on this game, so be sure to check that out also.

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