Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player Soars Over 7,000m In Paragliding Challenge

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player Soars Over 7,000m In Paragliding Challenge

One intrepid Japanese player has figured out how to soar over a huge length of Hyrule.

On the top of the Hyrule Ridge tower in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there's a man who wants to see how far you can soar with your paraglider before touching the ground. The average player probably gets around 500-700 before hitting terra firma. One player has uploaded a video of themselves reaching a range of 7,615.8 meters, far enough that the game has to reload the starting point! The entire run takes around 20 minutes.

How did they do it? Well whenever anything burns in Breath of the Wild, it creates an updraft of hot air, causing you to ride higher on your paraglider. The player has a cache of 366 Bomb Arrows at the beginning. When they get to close to the ground, they simply fire a Bomb Arrow ahead and use the updraft to stay aloft.

One major issue is the stamina drain from gliding. First up, the player has the full amount of stamina available in the game. Then they also have a metric-ton of Elixirs, which not only increase their maximum stamina, but also refill their stamina meter. By alternating between Bomb Arrows and Elixirs, it's simply a matter of how far you want to go.

By the time the run ends on Eventide Island, the player has used 190 Bomb Arrows. Absurd.

Could another player use the same technique to go even farther? We'll see in the future, I'm sure. For now, one player has soared as high as possible and won 100 rupees for their trouble.

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