Zelda Superfan Spends Nearly 500 Hours Playing Every Entry to 100 Percent on Twitch

Zelda Superfan Spends Nearly 500 Hours Playing Every Entry to 100 Percent on Twitch

Reminder: There are a lot of Zelda games, and most of them are pretty long.

Do you ever feel the march of time and say to yourself, "Dang, I could be doing anything I want with the short life I'm given?" Legend of Zelda enthusiast Matthew "MC" Moffit looked entropy in the eye and launched an effort to play every Zelda game to 100% completion. He completed his task in 484 hours (that's close to three solid weeks!) across a year. Now he's answering questions about his accomplishment on the Zelda subreddit.

MC isn't a stranger to extended Zelda play sessions. He organizes Zeldathon, a bi-annual Zelda marathon that raises money for charity. He completed his personal marathon on his Twitch channel, where he mopped up every "single player canon" Zelda game. That means no Hyrule Warriors, no Tingle's Balloon Fight, or any weird outliers.

The AMA has some interesting questions, including "Which game was the most fun to 100%" (Breath of the Wild), "Did the challenge 'ruin' any of the Zelda games for you" (No), and "What advice would you give to anyone looking to take on a similar challenge" (Don't do it).

While MC loves all Zelda games, even he admits his 100% challenge became tedious when he hit Phantom Hourglass, Triforce Heroes, and the Oracles games for the Game Boy Color. While Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are still looked back at fondly, Phantom Hourglass and Triforce Heroes aren't well-regarded by too many Zelda fans. Both have good ideas but are generally undercooked. Too bad. Link looks good in a dress.

Looking to perform your own 100% run on the Zelda games? Whoo. Good luck with that. If you're committed, we can help you for part of the journey with our Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guides.

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