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Gran Turismo Sport Review: More Similar to the Prologue Series Than We'd Like [Now With a Score]

GT Sport looks incredible, but does it have the content to back it up?

Are the Latest Plug-and-Play Retro Consoles Worthwhile?

We round up the latest batch of plug-and-play retro consoles and sort out the winners from the also-rans.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Review

Ubisoft Paris' massive open-world shooter is occasionally flawed, frustrating, and repetitive. But bottom line, it's a lot of fun.

Ride 2 Review

Milestone's motorcycle racer is back with more bikes, tracks, and races. But is it better than its predecessor?

Halo Wars 2 Review

Is this RTS good for beginners? We have just the person to answer that question.

For Honor Review

For Honor is a game of two halves. One is underwhelming; the other is brutal, bloody, and brilliant.

Double Dragon IV PS4 Review: Retro - to a Fault

It looks like an NES game. It sounds like an NES game. It even plays like an NES game. But Double Dragon IV is actually brand new.

Digital Gems: Osmos is Surreal, Soothing, Magnificent

Osmos might be one of the earliest iOS games, but it's still one of the best.

Digital Gems: Flower, Journey, and Owlboy

We highlight contemporary and classic downloadable games that we think are worth your attention.

Digital Gems: Virginia, Plague Inc: Evolved, and World of Tanks

We highlight contemporary and classic downloadable games that we think are worth your attention.

Gravity Rush 2 PS4 Review: Cat's Whiskers

After almost five years in development, Gravity Rush 2 is finally here. And yes, it was definitely worth the wait.

Digital Gems: Overcooked, Mini Metro, and Pocket Card Jockey

In which we highlight contemporary and classic downloadable games that we think are worth your attention.

Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain Xbox One Review: Icing on the Cake

Playground Games' brilliant open-world racer expands its horizons with a whole new winter wonderland.

Stern Pinball Arcade PS4 Review: Superb Silverball Simulation

Featuring a collection of ten contemporary tables, Stern Pinball Arcade offers an authentic-feeling silverball experience.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PS4 Review: Playing it Safe

This year, Infinity Ward takes the series to the stars, but ends up treading familiar ground.

Titanfall 2 PS4 Review: Mech Friends

After two and a half years in development, expectations are high for Respawn's second release.

Manual Samuel Xbox One Review: Don't Forget to Blink

Perfectly Paranormal's cartoon-like game has a very strange sense of humor - and even stranger controls.

Mantis Burn Racing PS4 Review: Micro Drifting Machines

VooFoo Studios brings back the top-down racer. But is it a good one?

Gears of War 4 Xbox One Review: Switching Gears

The Lambent epidemic might be over, but there's a new menace threatening Sera - and a new generation of heroes ready to fight it.

Destiny: Rise of Iron PS4 Review: Short on Story

Destiny's first expansion in more than a year is centered around the player's journey to become a new-generation Iron Lord.

Forza Horizon 3 Xbox One Review: Expanded and Improved

The Forza Horizon festival is back for its third outing, and this time you're running the show.

World of Warcraft: Legion PC Review: Back to Form

It might be nearly twelve years old, but World of Warcraft is still going strong.

Assetto Corsa PS4 Review: Eccellente

The much-admired PC driving simulation finally arrives on console, and it's a winner.

F1 2016 PS4 Review: Blisteringly Quick

Codemasters' Formula One racing game returns this year with a reworked career mode.

Overcooked PS4 Review: A Tasty Multiplayer Dish

Ghost Town Games' arcade cooking game dishes up some very enjoyable - and often riotous - multiplayer action.

Tricky Towers PS4 Review: Competitive Tower Building with Tetrads

Tricky Towers looks like a Tetris game at first glance, but it's not really Tetris at all.

Lifeless Planet PS4 Review: Quirky Sci-Fi Action Adventure

Is it a walking simulator or is it a platformer? Lifeless Planet is actually both.

Song of the Deep PS4 Review: Sub-Aquatic Metroidvania

The first release from GameStop's new GameTrust label is a gorgeous undersea exploration game.

Full Mojo Rampage PS4 Review: Twin Stick Hybrid Roguelike

This voodoo-themed hybrid roguelike packs a considerable challenge - and up to four-player local and online co-op.

Prison Architect PS4 Review: Sim Penitentiary

Run your own prison in this complex, yet engaging simulation.

Inside Xbox One Review: Brilliant and Compelling

Playdead's spiritual successor to Limbo is a simply fantastic puzzle-platformer.

Pac-Man 256 PS4 Review: Endless Muncher

A simple, but brilliant twist to the classic Pac-Man gameplay creates a fiendishly addictive release.

Deadlight Director's Cut PS4 Review: Dead Lite

Tequila Works' cinematic platforming HD remaster looks fabulous - but how does it play?

Fenix Furia PS4 Review: Prepare to Die... Repeatedly

If you're looking for a hardcore test of your platforming skills, Fenix Furia should fit the bill quite nicely.

Dangerous Golf PS4 Review: Almost Smashing

Dangerous Golf is a game where massive destruction of property is par for the course.

Score Rush Extended PS4 Review: Twin-Stick, Bullet Hell

This simple, but addictive shooter is a true test of your arcade skills.

Downwell PS Vita Review: Turn on, Tune in, Drop Down

The highly addictive mobile phone (and Steam) game heads to PS Vita, and loses none of its charm.

Lumo PS4 Review: A Love Letter to British Retro-Gaming

Take a trip back to the 80's in this challenging isometric 3D platform adventure.

Soft Body PS4 Review: Tough, Abstract Puzzling

This is what happens when a calming, meditative puzzle game goes to bullet hell.

Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Review: Ambitious, but Flawed

After spending years in development hell, Homefront: The Revolution has arrived at last. Unfortunately, though, it's not without its issues.

Doom PS4 Review: The Beast is Back

Doom is back for the first time since 2004. Has it been worth the wait?

Shadow of the Beast PS4 Review: Classic Platform Brawler

Psygnosis' 1989 Commodore Amiga classic gets reimagined for PlayStation 4 - and it's great!

Coffin Dodgers Xbox One Review: Death Race

Race souped-up mobility scooters against the Grim Reaper himself. Yes, really.

Push Me Pull You PS4 Review: Multiplayer Weirdness

Local multiplayer party games don't come much stranger than this.

Alienation PS4 Review: Multiplayer Mayhem

Housemarque's latest lacks originality, but it's still a damn fine shooter.

Severed PS Vita Review: A Real Hack and Slash RPG Adventure

Blow the dust off your Vita and engage in some beautiful-looking dungeon-crawling.

Axiom Verge Review: Play it Again, Sam [Updated for Vita]

Think you're tired of retro Metroidvania games? You obviously haven't played Axiom Verge yet.

Ratchet and Clank PS4 Review: Triumphant Return

The lombax and his sidekick defect warbot are back to form in a brilliant and varied platform adventure.

Dead Star PS4 Review: Space Shooter Meets MOBA Variant

Here's something a little different: A top-down, multiplayer PvP shoot 'em up.

Quantum Break Xbox One Review: Game Meets Show

Half game and half TV show, Quantum Break is a technical tour-de-force. But how well do its two halves fit together?

DiRT Rally PS4 Review: Hardcore Racer

Codemasters' DiRT Rally is a true test of your racing mettle.

Trackmania Turbo PS4 Review: Pure Arcade Racing

Strap in and prepare to tackle some seriously insane, high-speed courses.

The Division PS4 Review: Gritty. Brutal. Brilliant.

Taking back New York is a tough and challenging experience - but also a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Hitman GO Definitive Edition: Dynamic and Deadly PS Vita (and PS4) Puzzling

Available as a PS4 and PS Vita cross-buy, Hitman GO has you eliminating multiple targets one step at a time.

Rocket League Xbox One Review: Multiplayer Masterpiece

The surprise hit of last summer has finally been released on Xbox One - and the wait was worth it.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae PS4 Review: Arena Fighter Lite

This Japanese indie arena fighter features an excellent combo system - but not enough enemies to eliminate.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Xbox One Review: More Expansion than Sequel

The latest Garden Warfare brings back much of what made it successful the first time around - and adds new single-player content.

Hex: Shards of Fate PC Review: Deep, Complex, and Brilliant

Cryptozoic's MMO trading card game offers PvP and PvE aspects - both of which are very well-rounded.

Crypt of the Necrodancer PS4/PS Vita Review: Rhythmic Roguelike

Brace Yourself Games' mashup of roguelike and rhythm game sounds like it shouldn't work. But it most certainly does.

ZHEROS Xbox One Review: Unrealized Potential

ZHEROS brings back the classic side-scrolling beat 'em up. But just how good is this blast from the past?

PS4 Twin Stick Shooter Battle: Tachyon Project vs AIPD

Two new twin stick shooters are hitting PS4. Which one is the better buy?

Gone Home: Console Edition PS4 Review: Get to Know People You Never Get to Meet

The Fullbright Company's critically acclaimed 2013 PC game finally arrives on console. Does it still hold up?

Amplitude PS4 Review: Block-Rocking Beats

The classic 2003 music rhythm game makes a return following last year's successful Kickstarter campaign.

DariusBurst Chronicles Saviours PS4 Review: Taking it Back to the Old School

The Darius franchise returns in an ultra-widescreen format based on the latest arcade game in the series.

Rainbow Six: Siege PC Review: Tense, Tactical Shooter

Ubisoft's asymmetrical multiplayer series returns after a seven-year absence. Has it been worth the wait?

Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 Review: Predictable, but Great

Call of Duty: Black Ops III aims to please with three games in one: multiplayer, campaign and zombies.

Need for Speed PS4 Review: Back to its Roots

The classic arcade racer is back after a two-year break and looks better than ever.

DriveClub Bikes PS4 Review: Two-Wheeled Expansion

In a turn-up for the books, last year's DriveClub gets a new standalone expansion. Not featuring cars - but motorcycles!

Bedlam PS4 Review: A Trip Through Gaming's History

Bedlam's concept is certainly interesting: take a trip through FPS games from different eras. But does it work?

Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Review: Three in One

One of the most-anticipated Xbox One titles of the year has finally arrived. Just how good is it?

Guitar Hero Live PS4 Review: This One Goes to Six

Guitar Hero is back after a five-year hiatus with an all-new guitar, and a completely new game mode.

Crimsonland Xbox One Review: Super Simple Shooter

Shooters don't get much more straightforward than this: You, guns, and a screen full of enemies.

Teslapunk Xbox One Review: A Fun Trip to Bullet Hell

This vertically scrolling shooter might be simple, but it's still enjoyable.

Rock Band 4 PS4 Review: Back to Basics

Rock Band returns, and promises backwards-compatibility with legacy instruments and DLC. But does it still have what it takes to make a party?

RIDE PS4 Review: Real Bikes. Real Tracks. Real World.

Is this spiritual successor to Tourist Trophy a winner?

Logitech G920 Driving Force Review: Seriously Improved Lap Times

Just how good is Logitech's latest racing wheel? We put it to the test.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 Xbox One Review: Skate Bored

The Tony Hawk series returns with a game that gets some of the basics right, but lacks finesse and polish.

Laserlife PS4 Review: Psychedelia

From the makers of the Bit.Trip series comes this pulsating rhythm game.

Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Review: What a Difference a Year Makes

Bungie's highly-anticipated expansion to Destiny has arrived. One thing that's immediately apparent: many aspects of it are much improved over last year's release.

Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Review: The One to Beat

Turn 10's latest racer rolls out of the development garage and sets a pace nothing else can match.

Mad Max PS4 Review: Rote Warrior

Mad Max hits the small screen in a grisly, vicious, sprawling, open-world adventure.

Tearaway Unfolded PS4 Review: Kid Friendly

Packing a high degree of creativity and imagination, Media Molecule's latest plays like a kid's storybook come to life.

Lara Croft GO iOS Review: Pretty, Brilliant Puzzling

The famous tomb raider returns in an iOS puzzle game that plays as good as it looks.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One Review: Now That's What I Call a Remaster

Gears of War returns, and it feels as minty fresh as ever.

World of Tanks Xbox One Review: Thinking Man's Shooter

Wargaming.net's hugely popular PC tank warfare title rolls out on Xbox One.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PS4 Review: Storytelling Brilliance

Is it a game? Is it art? Either way, it's magnificent.

Submerged PS4 Review: Melancholic

Uppercut Games' short, but sweet exploration adventure makes a deep impression.

Rare Replay Xbox One Review: The Ultimate Retro Compilation

Journey through the back catalog of one of Britain's greatest developers.

Velocibox PS Vita Review: Rock Hard 3D Endless Runner

The minimal endless runner that is Velocibox offers a challenge only a few will be able to match.

Magic Duels: Origins iOS Review: Great... but Buggy

This year's digital version of Magic the Gathering sees the game becoming an ongoing platform to which new expansions will be added.

NekoBuro: CatsBlock PS Vita Review: Gotta Match Them All

This bizarre, but super-cute puzzler has you matching square cats from outer space. Yes. You read that right.

Pneuma: Breath of Life PS4 Review: Puzzles and Philosophical Ponderings

Deco Digital's environmental puzzler is short, quirky and sometimes tries just a little too hard.

The Art of World of Warcraft Book Review: A Stunning Tome

Insight Editions' hefty book has a price to match, but for World of Warcraft fans, it represents a fantastic artistic journey through the history of Azeroth.

Puzzle and Dragons Z and Super Mario Edition 3DS Review: Match Three Duo

The massive mobile hit comes to 3DS as a double-pack, offering two different takes on Puzzle and Dragons' match-three gameplay.

Project CARS PS4 Review: Serious Competition

After four years of development, Project CARS is finally unleashed. Has it been worth the wait?

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood PS4 Review: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

B.J. Blazkowicz returns in another blood-soaked orgy of Nazi death, destruction and broken-pipe-in-the-neck mayhem.

Cosmophony PS4 Review: Killer Drum and Bass... and Difficulty Level

This music rhythm rail shooter delivers the beats in more sense than just its music.

We Are Doomed PS4 Review: Minimal Twin-Stick Shooter

An abstract version of Robotron 2084, We are Doomed strips the twin-stick shooter down to its fundamentals.

Ziggurat PS4 Review: Fashionably Roguelike FPS

Similar in some respects to Hexen, Ziggurat is an entertaining, procedurally generated FPS with roguelike elements.

Tower of Guns PS4 Review: Random Fun

What do you get when you cross a roguelike with an FPS? Tower of Guns.

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