Jeremy Parish

Platinum Wants to Build Stronger Bonds With the Indie Development Scene

"Practically speaking, I want to help raise up a new director," says Atsushi Inaba.

Hajime Tabata on Final Fantasy XV's DLC, Chapter 13: "This Won't Be a Completely Different Game"

FFXV's director offers some insight into the game's unconventional downloadable content scheme (and who is FFXV's best boy).

Let's Spend an Afternoon With the NES Classic Edition [Archived]

Our mini-NES has arrived, and Jeremy will be streaming it for a few hours beginning at 1:30 ET (4:30 PT).

This Week in Retronauts, We Ban Your Right to Free Expression

The podcast goes deep on the controversial history of censorship in games.

Final Fantasy XIV 4.0 Expansion Stormblood Arriving Summer 2017

New jobs, a revamped battle system, and countless quality of life features inbound as well.

What the Heck is World of Final Fantasy? See for Yourself With Next Week's Demo

Square Enix is keeping old traditions alive in more ways than one.

Video Game Urban Legend Polybius Coming Soon to PlayStation VR

Next up, Jeff Minter will genetically engineer the Loch Ness monster from DNA extracted from a mosquito in amber.

Begin Your Week With Fascinating Relics of Gaming's Patchwork Past

Sometimes the best gaming experiences come in the form of desperate hacks, as these obscure Game Boy galleries demonstrate.

Danganronpa Heads to PS4, for People Prejudiced Against PCs and Portables

The first two games in Spike Chunsoft's breakout visual novel series are finally coming to a "real" console (you monsters).

JJ Abrams Still Working on Portal Movie Adaptation; Details "Soon"

New wave of entirely too many "the cake is a lie" meme references inbound.

Dragon Quest: Builders Demo Hits PS4 and Vita Today

Think of it as a temp structure to make use of until they complete construction on the real thing.

Wonder Boy Returns, Again, in Yet Another Revival

Evidently there's no such thing as too many remakes when it comes to this long-forgotten franchise.

Final Fantasy XV's Strangest Plot Twist Yet: An 8-Bit Revival

It's been a weird and turbulent decade for Final Fantasy XV, but this new mobile tie-in may well take the cake.

This Week's USgamer Stream Schedule: Racing Down Old-School Lane

It's a smorgasbord of classics this week! And we're not even really sure what "smorgasbord" actually means.

Retro-Bit's Generations Console: A 70-Game Leap Beyond the NES Mini

The latest entry in the classic clone mini-console wars seems likely to put all the rest to shame. Updated with full list of game titles!

The Hits Keep Coming: SEGA Announces Third and Final 3D Classics Compilation

In Japan only, though. Time to start a petition to demand a U.S. release!

Your Reminder: Games Have Always Been Mostly Terrible

As much as people go crazy for the classics, the greats were surrounded by just as much trash as today's masterpieces, as demonstrated in the latest episode of the Chrontendo video series.

Dark Horse and Nintendo Bringing More Zelda History to Print In 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Art and Archives to join Hyrule Historia as a welcome deep-dive into the history of the influential game series.

Analogue Nt, the Luxury NES, Returns to Heat Up This Fall's 8-Bit Console Wars

The pricey, limited NES redux will make a comeback back in a smaller, more versatile (not to mention less pricey and less limited) release.

Taito House Band Zuntata Joining the Ranks of Classic Video Game Vinyl

Ship to Shore's first LP of Taito arcade classics include cult favorite Elevator Action II.

Preorders Open for AVS, the Fancy Hi-Spec NES Clone for the Rest Of Us

Sitting directly between the NES Mini and Analogue NT in terms of pricing and features, the Retro USB AVS could be the classic console to get.

Hitman Continues to Invest in Ephemera With Bangkok-Based Episode 4

There's something marvelously zen about how many resources IO Interactive sinks into this game when some parts of it can only be experienced once.

Begun, the Clone Wars Have: SEGA Fires Back at Classic Mini NES With a Mini Genesis

But it's looking less like a pitched battle than a total rout.

Hallelujah! Wisdom Tree Gives the Classic Mini NES a Holy (and Wholly Unlicensed) Counterpart

The infamous Christian-themed NES developer hopes to Kickstart its own 8-bit clone console (among other things).

Now You're Playing With Teeny-Tiny Power: Nintendo Announces Retro NES Console

Taking back the mall kiosks from vile plunderers.

Celebrate Mighty No. 9 Going Gold with a Stream of the Greatest Mega Man Ever*

*(Or maybe just join the chat so you can argue endlessly about whether Mega Man 2 or 3 is best. Join the debate at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT!)

Today's USstreamer Retro Show Kicks Off the Mega Man-a-thon [Archived]

It's like a marathon, but with an N in place of the R. We begin at the beginning, with the original Mega Man for NES!

Return to the True Roots of Star Fox With a Super NES Live Stream [Archived!]

Forget Star Fox Zero and check out the Super NES game this afternoon at 4 ET/1 PT. Hope you like triangles!

A Mysterious Neo Geo Prototype Hits the Web

No one knows its name or even who made it, but this incomplete fighting game offers a fascinating glimpse into a lost slice of history.

Heading to Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend? Come See Us, Live!

It'll be a cold weekend in Milwaukee, but Retronauts can warm your soul.

Feel the Rush of Gravity With a Retronauts Stream of Metal Storm

Jeremy wants to turn your world upside-down today at 3 ET/noon PT.

This Party Ain't Over: It's Another GBA Anniversary Stream [Archived!]

Join Jeremy for even more Game Boy Advance classics on the occasion of the system's 15th anniversary.

Say Hello to My Little Sidelit Friend in Our GBA Anniversary Stream [Now Archived]

The youngest member of the Game Boy family turns 15 this month, and we're celebrating with a smorgasbord of GBA classics.

Remasters Watch: Two ’90s Sequels Make Their Way to the ’10s

Publishers polish up the second chapters of Oddworld Adventures and Romancing SaGa for modern reissues.

Axiom Verge Finally Heading to Vita, Expanding to Glitch Out Even More Consoles

Expect the retro-themed platformer on every system but 3DS and mobile before long.

Fill the Wait for Nintendo Direct With the Chillest Game of All Time [Archived!]

Bizarro SEGA classic Toe Jam & Earl turns 25 this year, and we're celebrating with a live stream at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT — a perfect way to kill the hour before Nintendo Direct kicks off!

Celebrate Zelda's 30th Anniversary with a Complete* Playthrough [Update: Archived]

Jeremy battles Ganon's forces, ancient and failure-prone video game hardware, and the remnants of a cold to bring peace to Hyrule.

Our Super Mario Maker Contest Results are Finally In!

The winners, the lessons learned, and way the heck too many codes to punch in.

Thanks for a Great 2015

The USgamer team will be taking a holiday break, but we'll be back in two weeks for an even better 2016!

Nintendo Goes RPG Crazy: Twilight Princess HD! Dragon Quest VII and VIII! And... Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.!?

The current slate of Nintendo consoles may be entering their twilight years, but they sure won't be going quiet into that good night.

America Finally Gets 3DS Badge Arcade, Another Nintendo Practice Run for the Mobile Market

Nintendo goes whale-hunting with a pink bunny.

Nintendo Finally Makes the Jump to Mobile, Sticks the Landing

Miitomo app plays to the strengths of both platform and company. Plus: More games in 2015! Games for girls! Cloud accounts! And the reincarnation of Club Nintendo!

Contest: Think You're a World-Class Mario Maker? [Contest Closed!]

Submit your best Mario Maker creation and you could win a fabulous prize. We'll name winners once we play through a few hundred submissions...

A Report From the Super Mario 30th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo

A rundown of Nintendo's musical celebration of what could be the most important moment in the company's history.

Remember When Japanese Console Games Were a Big Deal? So Does Sony.

PlayStation 4's 2016 lineup looks like a return to form for what many find to be a fading corner of the industry.

The Best 3DS is Finally Coming to the U.S.

Albeit in very limited quantities.

Too Little, Too Late? Red Ash Finally Gets A Demo [Update: Evidently, Not Too Late]

The spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends appears in a rough, playable form, but it seems too late to bump the struggling Kickstarter over the finish line.

USstreamer: Enter a World of NES Technofetishism [Update: With Stream Archives!]

Joins Jeremy as he puts his fancy new/old game system through its paces.

On This Day in Video Game History: The End Of Xenosaga

The madly ambitious RPG tale came to a premature ending in July of 2006, but at least it enjoyed real closure.

Celebrate the Evolution of Games With Our New Daily Video Series

This Day in Video/articles/usgamers-daily-classics Game History commemorates landmark events each and every day, beginning with the launch of Star Fox 64 in 1997.

USgamer at E3: Everything You Need to Know

The full breakdown of everything your favorite games site will be doing and attempting next week. Articles! Streams! Podcasts! Themes! Other stuff! Keep track of it all here.

When Nerds Cry: From US to You! Episode 8

A rather solemn episode as the team prepares for GDC and PAX East.

USstreamer: Get Funky and Retro With Donkey Kong Country [Update: With Archived Video]

Jeremy puts Rare's classic jungle platformer through its paces today at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT.

Retronauts Micro Loses Its Religion

A complicated RPG like Xenogears inspires complicated emotions.

Podcast: Late But Still Lovely, It's From US To You! Episode 6

Amidst the winter release doldrums, the crew takes refuge in the warmth of some newly re-released classics.

Listen: 8-Bit Ninja Gaiden Composer Keiji Yamagishi's New Album

The 8-bit maestro makes his return with a chiptune-inspired album, and we have the whole thing.

Rock Out (Briefly) This Week With Retronauts

In the latest Micro episode, Jeremy takes a short look at the influential Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Don Your HoloLens for a New Podcast Episode

Episode 5 of From US to You! tackles Microsoft's new announcement and the death of Club Nintendo.

Fight Off Your Case of the Mondays With a Pair Of Podcasts

Catch up on the latest USgamer shows! If Garfield had an iPod, his entire outlook on the week would have been totally different.

Retronauts Volume IV, Episode 30: A Long-Expected Party

After years of promises, we finally deliver: An in-depth look at Nihon Telenet and the cult favorite Valis series.

The USgamer Podcast Extravaganza* Turns Two

Two episodes old, that is. The team (or most of it) gathers together to discuss the current USgamer Club project and contemplate the year's letdowns.

It's Here: Come Listen to the First-Ever USgamer Podcast [Update: Now on iTunes]

The whole team comes together to talk about 2014's underdogs and remember Ralph Baer in our audio debut. Plus: A contest.

Match of the Millennium: Atlus Announces Etrian Odyssey X Mystery Dungeon

Two of Japan's most dungeony dungeon crawlers will be teaming up to kill everyone without remorse in 2015.

USstreamer: Stealing Souls, Making Them Slaves with Aria of Sorrow [Archived!]

Now finished! A mad romp through Dracula's Castle in a classic Castlevania adventure for GBA.

Welcome to USgamer, Part II

We're mixing things up. How USgamer is changing as we move into our second year.

PSA: USgamer is on YouTube

Not to mention in your hearts. Subscribe to our video feed today!

The Final Fantasy Team Responds to Your Thoughts on English-Language Localization

Long-time series producer Yoshinori Kitase asked for your opinions, and you gave them. Here are his thoughts.

What is Alien: Isolation? More Importantly, Will It be Any Good?

Fox files the trademark for what appears to be a new game, but can it overcome the malaise that always seems to drag down Alien-based properties?

Fish-Frenzied Platformer Umihara Kawase Headed to Western Shores?

A Japanese cult classic may finally reach the West.

TGS: Final Fantasy Agito "Will Definitely be Localized"

Square hasn't promised a U.S. release, but there's hope -- and FF Type 0 isn't out of the question, either.

TGS: Is the New Vita an Improvement?

We go hands-on with the new PS Vita, which is greatly improved in almost every respect.

Why Mighty No. 9 Should be Clear for Takeoff

Capcom probably won't be happy about Inafune's new game, but the law's not on their side.

Oh, So That's Nintendo's Next Move

Nintendo's price cuts and new hardware announcements offer some surprises, but certainly nothing out of character.

PAX Prime: Get Equipped with Keiji Inafune

Mega Man's irascible father to hit Seattle for speaking; signing; sighing tiredly when asked about leaving Capcom.

Sega 3D Classic Series Coming to America

Previously Japan-only remakes dipping a toe into the West.

Nintendo Blindsides Japan With Surprise Chibi Robo Release

Not that it does us non-Japanese-3DS-owning types any good (yet), but it's a start.