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E3 2014: Ask and You Shall Receive... Eventually: Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming West

Long after many RPG fans gave it up for dead, it seems that Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally coming West -- in considerably enhanced form.

EverQuest Landmark Quietly Launches on Steam, Introduces Caves

The promising-looking sort-of-prequel to EverQuest Next is going deeper underground.

Heavy Bullets is Another Attempt to Mash Up the Roguelike and FPS Genres

Independent developers' love of the roguelike genre continues with a new psychedelic shooter for PC.

Path of Exile Raises $20,000 for Child's Play

The free-to-play Diablolike's first "charity race event" has so far raised an impressive amount, with more to come.

Philips Files Suit Against Nintendo for Patent Infringement

The company is seeking to get the Wii and Wii U removed from sale.

Steam Runs the Risk of Becoming the New App Store

How Valve's PC gaming platform is developing something of a curation problem.

3D Realms and Interceptor's New Game is Nothing to Do with Duke Nukem, Honest

Enter "Bombshell," an original IP that absolutely isn't a reskin of the teams' planned Duke Nukem action RPG.

Nintendo Planning New Hardware; Won't Launch Until Current Customers are "Satisfied"

Speaking to investors, Satoru Iwata explains Nintendo's vision for the near future.

Wildstar Devs Talk Raids

Like any good MMO, Wildstar will feature raids. How will they differ from those seen in rival titles?

Innovative 7DFPS Title SuperHot Launches Kickstarter Campaign

One of the most interesting titles from last year's 7 Day FPS game jam is being developed into a full game.

Nintendo Releasing Free StreetPass-Based Pokémon Title

Only confirmed for Japan so far, The Band of Thieves & 1000 Pokémon encourages you to take your 3DS out and about.

Six New Japanese "Import" Games Coming to North American PSN

Sony's confirmed that six new formerly Japan-only titles are coming West to the PS3's PlayStation Store.

Watch Dogs Follows the Proud Ubisoft Tradition of Too Many Special Editions

"You'd like a copy of Watch Dogs? Of course. Will that be Standard, Special, Vigilante, Limited, Dedsec or...?"

Square Enix Teases "Large-Scale Online Titles" in the Coming Year

After a more comfortable financial report than recent years, Square Enix is looking to the future.

Titanfall's Xbox 360 DLC Will Not Arrive at the Same Time as Xbox One and PC DLC

It is being worked on, though; just expect it a little later.

Bungie Works with Fans to Save Halo Multiplayer

The shutdown of GameSpy's servers has affected a lot of PC titles, but passionate players and developers are finding a way to save their favorite games.

Latest Humble Weekly Bundle Brings 9 Retro PC Classics Together

Three Wizardries, four classic adventures and System Shock 2. And, uh, Shadow Man.

Battlefield 4 Launches "Community Test Environment"

The latest in a long line of attempts to battle the bugs and issues that still plague DICE's shooter.

PS4 and Xbox One Versions of Minecraft Will Still Have Limited World Sizes

Bigger than their 360 and PS3 counterparts, but not as big as the PC version offers.

Sony Makes a U-Turn on DriveClub's PlayStation Plus Version

After widespread criticism, Sony has removed the most controversial aspect of DriveClub's special PlayStation Plus edition.

The 7th Guest Launches New Crowdfunding Drive

We could see TV and film adaptations of the CD-ROM classic, too.

Monster Hunter 4 Leads a Good Year for Capcom

A game that hasn't come out in the West yet is now Capcom's sixth best-selling game.

DriveClub's PS+ Edition Lets You Unlock Everything for a One-Off Fee, But...

There's a bit of a catch in there. Can you guess what it is?

EVE Monument Defaced; Culprits Banned from the Game

A monument celebrating the dedication of EVE Online's players was defaced shortly after being unveiled, but the culprits have been caught.

How is Square Enix's Collective Program Going?

The publishing giant's indie outreach program came out of its trial phase and into live service a while ago. What's it got to offer?

Star Citizen Developer Clarifies Stance on Player Groups

After a blowup surrounding an attempt to create a women-only group in the upcoming space sim, developer Cloud Imperium has cleared things up a bit.

Early Access Title 'Towns' Abandoned by Developer

Remember: Early Access titles can be just as much of a gamble as Kickstarter campaigns.

Former Crackdown 2 Developer Working on Isometric Puzzle Adventure

Remember the good old days of games like Head Over Heels, Knight Lore and their ilk? Lumo is a modern-day take on those classic titles.

Adventures of Pip is an Evolving Pixel-Art Platformer with a Great Pedigree

Former Nickelodeon, Disney and WayForward employees have teamed up to create a promising-looking new adventure.

Shaq Fu Sequel Somehow Raises Over $450K in Crowdfunding

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn has managed to secure nearly half a million dollars in funding via Indiegogo.

Early Access Title Earth: Year 2066 Pulled from Steam Amid "Unfit for Sale" Claims

Valve steps in to offer refunds for those who purchased Killing Day Studios' broken title.

Mother Russia Bleeds is Streets of Rage for the 21st Century

Plus a bit of Hotline Miami thrown in for good measure.

No-One Lives Forever Trademarks Turn Up with Night Dive Studios

That's the team that resurrected System Shock 2 for modern machines a while back. Hmmm.

New Call of Duty Details Slip Out a Little Earlier Than Anticipated

Originally set for a reveal this Sunday, details of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have "leaked" a little earlier than expected.

Gran Turismo 6 Pays Tribute to a Racing Legend

20 years ago today, Ayrton Senna lost his life in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix at Imola. Sony's flagship racer is paying tribute throughout the month of May.

Transformers Universe Launches "Founders Program"

And the most expensive package costs over $500 of your hard-earned cash.

Stealth Inc. Sequel Will be a Wii U Exclusive

Curve Studios is bringing the sequel to the game formerly known as Stealth Bastard to Nintendo's platform.

Former Galak-Z Dev's New Game Experiments with Old-School 'Wraparound' Effects

Four Sided Fantasy is a game in which manipulating the camera is just as important to navigation as moving your character.

Elder Scrolls Online Clamps Down on Gold Farmers

It's a problem that plagues every MMO; how is Zenimax Online Studios dealing with it?

PlayStation 4 Update 1.70 is Out Today

The Vita and PlayStation App are getting updates alongside it, too, for one big happy PlayStation family.

Watch Dogs' Multiplayer Will Adapt to Your Behavior

Worried about being constantly invaded by hacker jerks? The game is always watching.

Now the Internet Hivemind is Playing Hearthstone

If Twitch Plays Pokémon wasn't quite frustrating enough for you, now there's a new contender.

EA Adds Microtransactions to Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

As our own Jaz Rignall predicted, you can now pay extra to unlock the game's content more quickly.

Dark Souls Dev Acquired by Kadokawa

Japanese multi-media publisher Kadokawa will acquire an 80 per cent stake in From Software in a deal set to complete next month.

Durante's Dark Souls II Mod Could Make All PC Games Look Better

The catchily-named GeDoSaTo lets you tweak Dark Souls II's visuals to your heart's content -- but why stop there?

Titanfall to Get New Game Modes in Future DLC

The first map pack is intended to temporarily placate those who have devoured all the current content.

This is What a Resident Evil 2 Remake Might Look Like

Ever wished Resident Evil 2 played more like Resident Evil 4? Take a look at these demo videos.

Minecraft PS3 Worlds Will Definitely Transfer to PS4, Possibly Vita Too

Sony and Mojang are also looking into possible cross-buy options for the new versions of the game.

Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle Confirmed for Europe

And we'll be very surprised if we don't see it here in the near future, too.

Ground Zeroes' Raiden and Deja Vu Missions Coming to Other Platforms in May

The formerly platform-exclusive content is trading places next month.

Codemasters' New GRID Title Won't Hit Next-Gen But Has PC as Lead Platform

The new title promises to be a return to form for driving sim fans.

First Hearthstone World Championships Coming to BlizzCon This November

Looks like Blizzard's taking steps to make its online CCG into a serious e-sport.

Here's What You Can Make with the PS4's Upcoming ShareFactory App

Been wondering how flexible the upcoming PS4 video editor is? Take a look at Sony's cheeseballs demo video.

Xbox One is Coming to Japan This September

Remember when it was the West that got new games consoles nearly a year late? How times have changed.

ESRB Listing Suggests Suikoden II is Coming to PSN

One of the most hard-to-find titles of the PS1 era looks set to make a comeback soon.

Tales of Hearts R Announced for Western Vita Release

As part of its #jrpgvita Twitter campaign, Sony has confirmed that the grand emotion-recovering adventure will be coming West.

Theatrhythm Curtain Call Coming West with Over 200 Final Fantasy Songs

The second installment in the music game series brings new characters, new modes and a whole heap of classic songs.

X-COM Creator's Chaos Reborn Kickstarter Ends a Success

Retro strategy enthusiasts, rejoice; Julian Gollop's new game has been fully funded.

There was Nearly a Vita Version of Titanfall

As always, Geoff Keighley's Final Hours series brings some interesting and enlightening tidbits of information to light.

Next PS4 Update Brings Video Editor, HDCP Off Switch and Preloading

Sony's announced what we can expect from the next system update for the PlayStation 4.

Swedish Politicians Settling Their Differences with StarCraft

That sounds a lot more interesting than a boring old debate, doesn't it?

37% of Steam Games Go Unplayed, Valve Titles Remain Most Popular

Feeling guilty about all those unplayed games in your account? Don't; according to a recent report, you're not alone, not by a long shot.

Bungie Terminates Composer Marty O'Donnell "Without Cause"

Longstanding Bungie employee and composer of the Halo series, Marty O'Donnell, was let go from the developer's ranks on Friday.

The Division Dev Praises Ubisoft for Watch Dogs Delay's "Important Message"

"It's tremendously important for us to know that the owner and the publisher are ready to take a massive hit."

Trials Fusion: 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One, 600p on Xbox 360

Ubisoft's new Trials game is the latest title with a marked resolution disparity between its various platforms.

Three New Vita Localizations Confirmed for North America

Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines are all coming west.

Xbox One Update Lands, Brings Friend Notifications

Microsoft is working hard to make the Xbox One do all the things its nine year old predecessor could do straight out of the box.

Hearthstone's First Single-Player Adventure Mode Announced

This weekend at PAX, Blizzard confirmed that its collectible card game would soon get a single-player mode.

Watch Dogs' Wii U Version Pushed Back Until Fall

Those hoping to do some hacking with their GamePad will be waiting a little longer than the rest of us.

Amy Hennig Names Co-Writer for Visceral Star Wars Project

The ex-Naughty Dog writer has recruited a friend to work alongside her on the as-yet unannounced Star Wars project.

Titanfall's First DLC Detailed and Dated

The Expedition pack will be with us next month.

Command the Battlefield with Arma 3's New "Zeus" DLC

Armchair general? Experienced dungeon master with a military fetish? Neverwinter Nights veteran? Then this DLC is for you.

Third Orcs Must Die! Game Announced

Features elements of MOBAs and CCGs. Because why not?

Date Set for Excavation of ET Cartridges Burial Site

One of gaming's most notorious urban legends is soon to be proven -- or disproven.

Final Fantasy XIV's PS3-to-PS4 Upgrade Program Launches

Bought FFXIV on PS3 and want to upgrade? Go right ahead! Here's how.

Pinball and Arcade Cab Designer Python Anghelo Dies After Battle with Cancer

The man behind the Joust and Sinistar arcade cabinet artwork -- plus too many pinball machines to count -- has passed away at the age of 60.

You Can Play Elite: Dangerous Right Now for $150

The legendary space sim is back, and you can jump on board early if you're willing to cough up.

Rovio Quietly Switches Tiny Thief to Free to Play, Makes Existing Players Pay Again

Mobile game Tiny Thief has gone free-to-play. But don't expect any special treatment if you previously purchased it.

NES Remix 2 to Feature "Championship Mode"

Inspired by the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, you'll take on three games for ultimate glory.

Tomodachi Life Coming West on June 6

And it's Nintendo at its most creative, zany best.

Alpha Signups Now Open for Epic's Fortnite

After a long period of silence, Epic's promising-looking Unreal Engine 4 showcase is inching closer to release.

Watch Dogs' Season Pass Features a New Playable Character

And a mini-campaign, a la Assassin's Creed IV's Freedom Cry content.

The Last of Us is Coming to PS4 [UPDATED]

The new generation has barely begun, and the remasters have started already.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Exists, and Yes, That's Really What It's Called

The new game slots neatly between the first and second games, and is for current-gen systems.

Goat Simulator to be Updated with Split-Screen Multiplayer and New Map

Apparently Coffee Stain Studios' elaborate joke has proven popular enough for some free DLC.

There's a Titanfall Mod for Minecraft

Amusingly, it supports more players than Titanfall does.

The Vitality Sensor Dream Lives On

Stanford engineers have developed a prototype gaming controller to measure your excitement.

VR Treadmill Coming in September for $499

Kinect not giving you enough of a workout while you're gaming? Enter the Virtuix Omni.

Square Enix Launches Collective, Reveals IP Up for Grabs

Indies could soon be working on new Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox titles.

Watch Dogs' PC Specs: Not for Lightweights

Looks like you'll need a fairly beefy machine to run it at its best.

Team 17's Worms-Free New Game is a Fresh Take on Lemmings

Flockers swaps Worms for sheep and turn-based combat for real-time frantic puzzling.

Bruce Lee is in the New UFC Game

Pre-order customers or those who beat the game will be able to fight as the legendary martial artist.

Titanfall Xbox 360 Spotted in the Wild, But Currently Unplayable

Certain territories have been slipping out early copies of Titanfall on Xbox 360, but no-one can play it yet.

GameSpy Servers Shutting Down Next Month

The service's closure puts a number of online games from as recently as 2010 at risk.

Fire Pro Wrestling Creator Dies at 48

Masato Masuda, creator of the long-running Fire Pro Wrestling series, has passed away.

Death in Candlewood: First-Person Horror from Silent Hill, The Witcher and BioShock Devs

An ambitious new project has just hit Kickstarter, with some serious horror talent behind it.

Cortana Lives in Your Windows 8.1 Phone and Learns What You Like

Creepy or cool? The jury's out on Microsoft's upcoming Siri-alike.

Halo: Spartan Assault Out Tomorrow on Steam, Minus Co-Op

Halo's top-down shooter spinoff is coming to a wider PC audience from tomorrow, but without one of the best features from its console versions.

What Games Can You Play on Amazon Fire TV Right Now?

Amazon rolled out its new Amazon Fire TV console a few days ago, and despite it being brand new, there's already a surprising number of games available for it.

What's Next for Grand Theft Auto Online?

Rockstar's outlined the roadmap for the coming months in its open-world multiplayer title. Heists are still coming, supposedly.

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