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How to Make Big Money in GTA 5 Stock Market (PS4 and Xbox One)

Has senseless slaughter lost its charm? Tired of earning cash the old-fashioned way? Here's how to cash in on the Los Santos stock market and get rich in GTA 5! Like a billion dollars rich! How to make money in GTA 5 by playing the stock market.

What are the Strongest, Most Competitive Pokemon That'll Help You Build the Best Team?

Catch 'em all? Sure! But when it really comes down to it, the question always goes back to, "What are the best Pokemon?"

What are the Best Co-Op PC Games for Under $20?

Want to engage in some fun multiplayer entertainment, but your video game budget a bit tight? Here's our list of great - and affordable - co-op PC games.

How to Make Big Money in GTA 5 Stock Market (PS4 and Xbox One)

Has senseless slaughter lost its charm? Tired of earning cash the old-fashioned way? Here's how to cash in on the Los Santos stock market and get rich in GTA 5! Like a billion dollars rich! How to make money in GTA 5 by playing the stock market.

What are the Strongest, Most Competitive Pokemon That'll Help You Build the Best Team?

Catch 'em all? Sure! But when it really comes down to it, the question always goes back to, "What are the best Pokemon?"

What are the Best Co-Op PC Games for Under $20?

Want to engage in some fun multiplayer entertainment, but your video game budget a bit tight? Here's our list of great - and affordable - co-op PC games.

Massive Chalice: Queen Adamanita's Eugenics Diary

We uncover the darker side of Double Fine's tactical RPG.

Can You Manipulate GTA V's BAWSAQ Market?

Can a handful of people dictate the path of a fictional stock market? We talk to a few of those who tried.

What are the Top 5 Best PSN Games Under $10?

What can a tenner buy you in the Playstation Store? Any of these five awesome PSN games, of course.

What are the Top 10 Best Neutral Cards to Craft in Hearthstone?

Alternatively: 'Top 10 Cards Worth Crafting' or 'Top 10 Cards You Probably Shouldn't Disenchant'.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 3DS Review: The Journey's End

Professor Layton newcomer Cassandra Khaw joined him on his last voyage and discovered the professor and his friends a cerebral, entertaining bunch.

USgamer does Instructional Everquest Next/Frozen Musical Tribute Mash-Up

Ever wanted to hear someone turn an Everquest Next: Landmark guide into a musical tribute to Frozen? Of course you did. Take it away, Cassandra...

The Last of Us: Left Behind Guide. How to Find All Artifacts, Trophies and Optional Conversations

A complete guide to all Artifacts, Trophies and Optional Conversations in Left Behind.

Banished PC Review: Who Needs Combat When You have Cholera?

This no-frills, indie city builder/survival sim has Cassandra hooked in spite of its tepid difficulty curve.

Bravely Default Guide: What are the Best and Most Overpowered Job and Ability Combos?

Nothing says a great JRPG like the ability to completely break the system. Here are some of the most ridiculously overpowered job combos yet.

10 Games We Wish Rule 34 Didn't Apply To

Because someone had to go out there and see exactly how depraved the Internet is.

Bravely Default Guide: Easy Money Tricks, PG Farming and Other Ways of Saying Quick Money Making

Don't you wish you could buy that new sword right the heck now? Here are a few tips and tricks for making money in Bravely Default faster.

Hearthstone: How to Earn Gold Fast and the Best Ways to get Free Cards

In our second Hearthstone how-to, we check out all the ways you can get gold in Hearthstone without spending real-world money.

Hearthstone Tips and Strategies: Beginner's Glossary, Guide to Terms, Deck Types

In our first Hearthstone how-to, we look at the most important thing of all: learning how to talk the talk.

Hearthstone Guide: How to Build the Best Decks with Basic Cards, Starter Strategies and Tips

In our third Hearthstone how-to, we check out the classes and some great beginner decks you can build with only the basic cards.

The Wolf Among Us: Smoke and Mirrors PC Review

Does Smoke and Mirrors live up to the legacy set by the first chapter of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us? Not quite.

Alzheimer's, Aging and What to Play When You Reach Life's End Game

Studies have shown that games can keep your brain healthy - and now Pfizer is using a game to test for Alzheimer's. But when it comes to your own parents - where do you start?

What are the Best Custom Games, Maps and Mods in the Starcraft II Arcade?

With the Starcraft II Arcade now free to the public, USgamer sets off to figure out what the best custom games in the Arcade are.

NEO Scavenger: Robinson's Requiem Meets Fallout

Blue Bottle Games' survival simulation challenges players to survive post-apocalyptic Michigan. Hint: it's really, bloody hard.

The PS4 Indie Games We're Looking Forward to the Most

Want to know which upcoming PlayStation 4 indie games are looking the most interesting? Steer your eyeballs to this list and find out.

What are the 10 Best Android Games of 2013?

2013 was a vintage year for Android gamers. Here are our top 10 favorite games of last year. Don't miss them!

Steam Greenlight Might be Going Away Soon

Want to know more about Greenlight? Steam Machines? The Steam Controllers? The great Gaben himself? We've got you covered.

The Banner Saga PC Review: Game of Thrones Meets Vikings Meets Disney

Stoic Studios' tactical RPG The Banner Saga proves that it's definitely more than just a ridiculously pretty face.

Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God PS Vita Review: Deliciously Fun

A roguelike-like masquerading as a so-cute-you-could-die curry addiction simulator? Say it is so! (It is.)

2014 in Preview: Can Everquest Next Take MMOs to the Next Level?

Everquest Next is doing something no MMO has attempted before: smushing Minecraft and Molten Core together. Yeah, Mike and Cass had the same response.

2014 in Preview: Want Emancipation? No, We Want Persona 5.

Cass and Pete get together to discuss what they'd really, really like Persona 5 to be like.

Pokemon X and Y Multiplayer Guide: Tips & Tricks, Best Pokemon Teams, Competitive Meta

New to competitive online play? Want to battle it out via mutiplayer with other human Pokemon trainers? We've got you covered.

How Hearthstone is Making Me Play My First Blue Deck

Or, 'Why Mage Decks Are So Incredibly Annoying'

What $100 Can Do For The Novice Dota 2 Trader

It can buy you a whole lot less scruples. Cassandra Khaw takes the plunge and does a week in the Dota 2 trading scene.

My Dad is a Real Life Version of GTA V's Michael De Santa

Cassandra muses the similarities and disparities between Michael de Santa and her ex-gang member father.

2013 in Review: Why I'll Never Finish Papers, Please

Universally praised for its disquieting undertones, Papers, Please is especially uncomfortable when you've been on the other side.

What are the Best Starbound Mods?

Starbound might be the new kid on the sand-block but that hasn't stopped modders from going wild.

2013 in Review: Why Being the Game No One Actually Wins is So Good For Dota 2

By virtue of being impossible to truly master, Valve's Dota 2 is also impossible to put down.

The Banner Saga: Where 60's Disney Gets Epic

Stoic's upcoming turn-based RPG-meets-Oregon-Trail is a brutal, beautiful game.

Wildstar and the Case of the Too Pretty Alien Females

Carbine Studio's upcoming sci-fi MMO lets you be anything you want -- except if you're female and don't want to be a pretty space princess.

The Starbound Permadeath Diaries

Starbound may lack a permadeath mode but it certainly didn't stop Cassandra from pretending there is one.

Doki-Doki Universe PSVita Review: Twee or Squee?

Charming and frequently strange, Doki-Doki Universe continues the recent trend of adorable Vita games.

What are CCP Games' Future Plans for EVE Online?

We asked the community what they'd like to know about the future of EVE Online. They answered. And so did CCP Games.

Hacking Pokemon X & Y: Now With 100% Chance of Shiny Pokemon?

As all the next-gen hullabaloo dies away, we check out what the Pokemon X and Y hacking community has been doing with Game Freak's baby.

The Top 15 Best iOS Games of 2013 That You Must Play

Curious what the best iPhone and iPad games of 2013 are? We've got the top selections of this year right here.

Tearaway PS Vita Review: Giddily in Love With a Squishy Papercraft World

Who needs weapons when you have cute? Media Molecule's 3D platformer is so bafflingly sweet, you'd be forgiven if you think it was made out of sugary awesome.

How Does Wii Fit U Compare to Good Old-Fashioned Exercise?

In 31 days, Cassandra and Pete will see if Wii Fit U can compare to working out "au naturel"

Contrast PS4 Review: Now, You're Playing with Shadows

Though it looks like the Cirque de Soleil, Contrast's wonky platforming makes it less than the Greatest Show on Earth.

Ask Them Anything: USgamer Talks to CCP Games

Ever wanted to ask CCP Games some really weird and/or insightful questions about the future EVE Online? Now's your chance.

Sink or Swim? BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 1 Review

BioShock Infinite's first story-driven DLC Burial at Sea: Episode One is very much like the underwater city of Rapture: magical, flawed and all too short-lived.

Letters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Cassandra and Pete continue their tag-team discussion about the latest Ace Attorney game.

How to Make Skyrim Look and Feel Next Gen for Free

Who needs a PS4? Grab these great mods and make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim look next-gen for free!

Guy Makes Automatic Hands-Free Shiny Pokemon Finder!

The title says it all, doesn't it?

How Do You Know If You Have the Best Pokemon X & Y Team?

By testing their mettle through competitive Pokemon battling, of course.

How does Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Compare?

Cassandra Khaw and Pete Davison investigate Dual Destinies and relate the findings of their cross-examinations in a letter series.

Pokemon X and Y Post Game: What to Do After You've Beaten the Elite Four?

What do you do after you've finished Pokemon X/Y? If you're not willing to discard your team just yet, here are ideas for the post-game jubilations.

What are the Scariest PC Games in the Steam Halloween Sales?

With Halloween only a day away, don't stop at just picking great deals. Buy yourself nightmares.

A Playable Fan-Made Warcraft IV?! Yes, Please!

Never underestimate the power of an impatient Warcraft fan and the Starcraft II editor.

Dark Souls 2: Screenshots, Videos, and Everything Else You Wanted Spoiled for You

You've read the stories. Now, come check get all your Dark Souls 2 spoilers in one place.

A New Breakthrough with Pokemon X/Y Hacking

We now know what Generation VI Pokemon's digital DNA look like. Yeah, science!

This is a Hometown Story Not to Tell the Kids : Review

This shop-management-simulation-lite is a tepid, stripped-down version of the genre.

How to Get a Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon X and Y

Want a team bursting with shiny Pokemon? Here are three ways to make it happen!

Goodbye Productivity! Candy Box 2 is Here

Who said candy is bad for you? The people in Candy Box 2 disagree.

How Pokemon Y Taught Me to be Happier

To her chagrin, Cassandra learns a life lesson on her quest towards becoming the very best.

Solstice Preview: No Winter Wonderland

MoaCube's upcoming visual novel Solstice is all about small, personal disasters and big, impactful ideas.

Get Dys4ia Dev's New CYOA Game This Halloween

Feeling a hankerin' for good ol' fashioned adventurin'? Try a very very VERY scary house.

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Looks Deliciously Dark

A 'non-sugercoated sidescroller fairy tale, full of drama and dark twists'? Bring it on.

Malicious: Rebirth Review

Alvion's 3D action brawler Malicious: Rebirth is an enhanced port that is decent but little more.

More Starter Pokemon, Less Starting Pokemon: We Can Make Pokémon X & Y's Wonder Trade Better!

Bored with Bidoofs? Can't care about more Caterpie? Here are some suggestions as to how to make Wonder Trade more awesome!

How to Make Your PC Run Faster and Smoother for Free

Want to make your PC run a little faster? Here are a bunch of easy, low-tech ways to squeeze a little more performance out of your PC.

Clicking Bad is Like Breaking Bad Meets Cookie Clicker

In lieu of an official Breaking Bad game, have this worryingly addictive mix of Cookie Clicker and meth.

The Wolf Among Us: Faith Review

The Wolf Among Us lacks the dystopian hopelessness of The Walking Dead but it is a howling good time regardless.

Go Play Gemini Rue in 3D

If you thought this piece of cyberpunk-noir was awesome before, you haven't seen anything yet!

How to Play Grand Theft Auto V in Minecraft

This may be the closest thing any of us will ever come to GTA V on the PC for a while.

You Know You Want To Play Massively Multiplayer Pong

If only so you can say you did. Torus Pong is a radial multiplayer Pong that demands a chance.

As The Dust Clears: Where is CCP Games's First-Person Shooter Today?

USGamer takes a brief look at where CCP's highly ambitious but deeply flawed DUST 514 stands today.

Indies Did This: Scammers and 3D Gemini Rue

In this week's Indies Did This, we have procedurally generated murder mysteries, a hilarious e-mail exchange and more.

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Review

Kinda charming, kinda cute but probably won't have a place in the Louvre of video games.

The Golden Miner: When Cookie Clicker is Not Enough

Yes, the world hates productivity. No, you may never stop clicking.

Ice-Pick Lodge on the Making of Monsters

USGamer talks to Ice-Pick Lodge, the creators of Knock Knock, about all things monstrous.

AMD's Mantle and Why Valve Might Want to Worry

We take a quick look at the Mantle API which AMD announced today and what it might mean.

Indies Did This: Viva la Game Jams!

This week, Cassandra Khaw gets on her soapbox and breaks down why game jams rock.

Ironclad Tactics Review

Zachtronics' card-based tactics game has cowboys, robots and your salty tears of defeat.

When Infocom Meets Media's Favorite Man-Eating Shark

Tired of watching those old VHSes, why not play through the experience instead -- as the shark itself!

Look Ma! No Hands! Nintendo Classics Play the Piano

Who needs fingers when you have ingenuity? Watch the piano play tunes from various legendary games.

Forced: Co-operate or Die

Beta Dwarf's Forced will, uh, force you to play well with others if you wants to survive this gladiatorial hell.

The Heavenly Father of Cow Clickers

22 Cans' Godus is pretty. Pretty slow. (But also pretty.)

Indies Did This: SUPER. HOT. SUPER. HOT.

Innovative FPSes, neon-blooded Zelda-meets-Diablo, casinos and cards. Last week was awesome.

This Attack on Titan Tribute Is Monstrously Fun

That anime about giant, people-eating monsters that is really about societal anxiety now has new fan game.

Screenshot Saturday #6: Pretty Indie Games to Covet

Our weekly round-up of the most interesting items on Screenshot Saturday is back!

Peter Molydeux Wants To Make a Game Design School?

We're pretty sure that this is a joke but crazier things have happened.

Card Hunter Review

Card Hunter, a tabletop RPG meets collectible card game (of sorts), takes it back to the old school with more flair than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Awesome Mom Makes Awesome Chocobo Costume, Is Generally Awesome

We talk to Calley MacLeod, who took Special Prize in Square Enix's first EU FFXIV: ARR Cosplay Contest 2013, about making great costumes for cheap.

To the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C: 'Meh', I say.

Are the new iPhones the game changers some claim them to be? Cassandra Khaw certainly doesn't think so.

Indies Did This: Pretty Pixel Art is Pretty

Our Indies Did This column is back and we've got gorgeous-looking games to spare.

Cool, Quirky Ludum Dare Games for the Weekend

Too impatient to wait for the judging phase to end? Here are some of the niftier Ludum Dare 27 games to tide you by.

Build Your Own Miniature Asteroids Arcade Cabinet

What's cooler or hipper than owning your own DIY Asteroids Arcade Cabinet?

Covenant of Humanity, Part 2: Those Who Never Left Dark Souls

In part two of our look at the Dark Souls community, we check out competitive PvP, hacking, roleplaying and 'Piggu' Knights.

Covenant of Humanity: Those Who Never Left Dark Souls

In this multi-part series, we talk to the community still entrenched within the Age of Fire.

John Carpenter's The Thing Goes Viral

Motion Twin's Mush is all about fungal aliens, paranoia and human nastiness.

You're Going to Need A Bigger Boat

Failbetter Games' upcoming Sunless Sea has cannibal crews and Lovecraftian horrors. Delicious.

Making Big Bucks in Dota 2

Cassandra Khaw talks to the people who are profiting from the world's growing obsession with Valve's Dota 2.

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