Ask Them Anything: USgamer Talks to CCP Games

Ever wanted to ask CCP Games some really weird and/or insightful questions about the future EVE Online? Now's your chance.

A New Breakthrough with Pokemon X/Y Hacking

We now know what Generation VI Pokemon's digital DNA look like. Yeah, science!

Goodbye Productivity! Candy Box 2 is Here

Who said candy is bad for you? The people in Candy Box 2 disagree.

Get Dys4ia Dev's New CYOA Game This Halloween

Feeling a hankerin' for good ol' fashioned adventurin'? Try a very very VERY scary house.

Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Looks Deliciously Dark

A 'non-sugercoated sidescroller fairy tale, full of drama and dark twists'? Bring it on.

The Golden Miner: When Cookie Clicker is Not Enough

Yes, the world hates productivity. No, you may never stop clicking.

Look Ma! No Hands! Nintendo Classics Play the Piano

Who needs fingers when you have ingenuity? Watch the piano play tunes from various legendary games.

Watch the Public Get Starcraft II Casters Smashed

What's more humanizing than watching famous people make a fool of themselves?

Be Awed by These Lego Nintendo 64 Transformers

Sadly, Baron Von Brunk did not include instructions on how to make these.

STALKER Misery Mod 2.0 Wants You To Die Screaming

Think Stalker: Call of Pripyat was hard? Misery Mod says you've seen nothing yet.

This Battlefield 2 Mod Makes The Original Look Bad

As one commentor put it, "Battlefield 2 is what boys play. [Project Reality] .. is what men play."

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Life's Not Easy for Space Station Janitors

Clean up in Deep Space 9! Ever wondered who cleans up the mess after the space-faring heroes are done saving the universe? You, that's who.

Lousy-stargazing-date-with-Mr-Wrong Simulator Polaris Coming August 2013

Polaris is here to remind us that not even the stars can make sucky dates better (and that first-person games need not have guns.)

Totally Not Official 14th Game for Nintendo Power Pad Released

Make cool things, not war. Nintendo Power Pad gets its 14th game as a 25th birthday present.

German Sausages and PR Policemen Ahoy! Molyjam 2013 Begins Today

"You can eliminate starvation or you can double it, you can empty the treasury or fill it with gold and rub it all over your body?"