John Learned

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INTERVIEW: Alexander O. Smith and Rich Amtower go in-depth on the game that helped elevate localization into an artform.

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The history of the Evolution Championship Series as told by the people who have been there from the beginning.

Nioh DLC Dragon of the North is Less New Places and More Swords to Faces

While some might balk at the lack of new locations, Nioh’s first DLC falls back on what it does best: fighting.

Let's Talk About Nioh's Difficulty

Now that it’s out in the wild, we talk about where the line really is

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Street Fighter Beta Diary: Day One (And Maybe Only)

There, there. Shhh. I know.

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Reproduction Cartridges and Elegant Piracy

How a byproduct of emulation became gaming’s Cuban Cigar.

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Dragon Age writer David Gaider reflects on how BioWare's RPG tackles the seen and unseen.

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How the fighting game community's most notorious villain barely lifts a finger.