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Let It Die is 'Supremely Shitty,' And GungHo's CEO Couldn't Be Happier

We sit down to talk to the creator of Puzzle & Dragons about Let it Die's success and its potential as a springboard to a more global profile for GungHo Online.

No Mutants? No Problem! Here are 10 Marvel Characters We'd Like to See Instead

Ms. Marvel? Luke Cage? Here are some intriguing possibilities.

Three Days in Busan, Day 3: Saying “Jal Isseoyo” to BIC Festival

Dan wraps up his coverage of Korea's indie festival with a few more intriguing games.

Three Days in Busan, Day 2: BIC Fest's Korean Indies Tackle Everything From Metal Slug to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Cosplay, Korean retro, VR, and still more indies as Daniel Feit's coverage of the Busan Indie Connect Festival continues.

Three Days in Busan, Day 1: Connecting With Indies in Korea at BIC Fest

While Japan prepped for TGS, the South Korean industry recently held an event of their own. Here's what contributor Daniel Feit found when he went to Busan Indie Connect Festival 2016.

More Than StarCraft: Korean Developers Make Their Presence Known at the Busan Indie Connect Festival

South Korean game developers set out to show a different side of Korean gaming at a new game show. We went there, and this is what we found.