Tom Orry

Audience Development Manager, Gamer Network

Tom started life on a circus in Australia before his family moved to the UK. His love of gaming started soon after, which essentially meant he bought every video game magazine available and worked numerous part-time jobs as a child in order to afford costly N64 games. He created UK site, of which he was the Editor for over a decade. He now doesn't like circuses.


The Switch Mini Is Officially the Portable-Focused Switch Lite, Has Multiple Compromises Over Original Switch

The Switch Lite is releasing in September, costs $200, and comes in three colors, but it's missing some key features of the original Nintendo Switch.

Starting Screen | How Anthem's Terrible Loading Times Let You Appreciate BioWare

Use that dead time to look back at the good years full of great games and fun times.

Starting Screen | How Ace Combat 7's Dog.jpg Brought Joy to a Turbulent January in the Games Industry

Sensing the need for some good old-fashioned dog-based hilarity, Bandai Namco delivered the good boy.

Tom's Top 10 Games of 2018: I Played More Than One Game Edition

Honestly, I do work here, and these are the best games I played in 2018.

Let's Not Act Like a New Switch Revision Is an Earth-Shattering Revelation

It was always going to happen, and from the sound of the leaked information, it's going to be a pretty small update.

A Streaming Next-Gen Xbox Could Be as Revolutionary as Xbox Live

An Xbox that streams games over the internet could blow open the video games market.

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Xbox One X Enhanced Backwards Compatibility is Incredible, and Microsoft Isn't Getting Enough Credit

Microsoft's backwards compatibility service that lets us play Xbox 360 and Xbox games on Xbox One is one of the most impressive console features of all time.

FIFA 18 is Tom's Favorite Game of 2017: Deal With It

Yes, he did pick that soccer game, and yes, it's not even the one with the best gameplay. He also liked Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Lost Legacy, and Resident Evil 7, so he's not completely broken.

Sonic Mania’s Save System Sucks

Retro revivals don't need to copy everything from the past to be great.

Counterpoint: The Xbox One X is Right to Prioritize Power, Even if it's at the Expense of Affordability

Much has been made of a lack of new exclusives for Xbox, but clawing back the hardcore first is essential for long-term success.

Mass Effect Andromeda is SeaWorld and Yooka-Laylee is the Ocean

Or what the modern can learn from the old, and vice versa.