Animal Crossing News

Here’s What Isabelle Is Up to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

So long, government. Hello, Tom Nook.

Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Save Can Only Be Recovered Once

Hold on to your Switch extra tight.

Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Recap: Breath of the Wild 2 Megaton Blows Everything Else Away

Also, a new Mana game, tons of ports, and lots more.

Animal Crossing New Horizons for Switch Delayed to March 2020

A blow to many prospective, virtual home buyers.

Nintendo Direct Recap: Animal Crossing Switch, NES Controller for Switch, New Smash Bros. Ultimate Character, and More

Today's Nintendo Direct was packed with news, and we crammed it all here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Was Redone From Scratch At Least Once During Development

The next Nintendo mobile games are already in the works, including one for Legend of Zelda.

You Can Play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Right Now, Here's How

Pocket Camp is available in Australia and with a little work, you too can play the game.

Be in IRL Debt to Tom Nook When Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launches This Year

Like a fully fleshed out Animal Crossing, in your pocket.

Animal Crossing Mobile Direct: When to Watch, How to Watch, and What to Expect

Animal Crossing is coming to a phone near you. Here's everything you need to know about Nintendo's Animal Crossing mobile Direct presentation.

Animal Crossing Mobile Gets a Direct This Week

On October 24, all will be revealed.

Animal Crossing Mobile Delayed

Get together with K.K. Slider and howl a sad song: Animal Crossing isn't coming to your phones and tablets any time soon.

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for Mobile Are Free-to-Play After All

But when a mobile game is marked "free-to-play," it's not an automatic sentence to microtransactions and stamina bars.

Nintendo's Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing Games for Mobile Probably Aren't Free-to-Play

Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are coming to mobile platforms, but don't panic! It seems unlikely either game is based around free-to-play mechanics.

The Best 3DS is Finally Coming to the U.S.

Albeit in very limited quantities.

Please Understand: Nintendo Shutting Down Online Services for Wii and DS

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is coming to an end. Quick, download all those Layton puzzles!