Arms Features

Arms is the Nintendo Underdog That Brought Us All Together

At Reedpop HQ, Arms had a unifying power.

Nintendo on the Challenge of Post-Release Support, and More Tales of Arms’ Development

INTERVIEW | We sat down with Arms producer Kosuke Yabuki to learn the ins-and-outs of Nintendo's unique fighter, and its busy debut year so far.

Arms' New Fighter and Custom Controls Are out Now, and Are Both as Sweet as Can Be

Lola Pop, general updates, and custom controls are helping shape Arms into a better game.

Arms Finally Has a Daddy in New Fighter Max Brass

Caty goes hands-on with Arms' latest fighter, a 52-year-old man that reminds her of an anime character.

The Definitive Arms Character Power Rankings

Caty's back at it, ranking the characters of Arms in terms of coolness only.

Nadia Highlights the Internet's Best ARMS Fanart

She manages to keep it G-rated, but by God it wasn't easy.

Arms is the Latest Conquest in Nintendo's Path to Make the Most Stylish Characters in Games

Twintelle set the world on fire, and all she needed was a tight pair of leggings and extremely cool hair.

Nintendo E3 2017 Preview: What We're Going to See, and What We Want to See

What's Nintendo got up its sleeve for E3 2017? We've got a few ideas -- and a sizable wish list.

The Crowds in Arms Endearingly Cosplay as the Fighters They Love Most

Look out into the stands during a match of Arms, and you'll see fanatical cosplays of your fighter—and your opponent's.

Destiny 2 Is Your Destiny, We're Armed for ARMS, and the Rest of This Week's Headlines

ENDING CREDITS | Taking a look a back at this week's headlines and everything else you might have missed on USgamer.

Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

The Splatoon of fighting games might be a bit too imprecise.

Inklings Freelance Too! (And More Takeaways From the Nintendo Direct)

Splatoon 2 reimagines the stressful world of freelancing as a PvE mode.

Video: Here's What the Switch Looks Like in Action

Nadia plays Arms and 1-2 Switch and lives to tell the tale.

Nintendo Switch's Biggest Problem Is Its Price, Not Its Launch Lineup

The Switch's first year lineup is actually great. Its price is the real issue, but that's easily fixed.