Axiom Verge Features

For Axiom Verge's Creator, the Switch Was a "Natural Platform" For the Sequel

Thomas Happ answers our most pressing questions about today's announcement.

USgamer's Best Games of 2015: Best Time-Waster

PART NINE: When we had a few idle moments to kill, these games did the killing—with style!

Blog: Learning to Let Go

Will all long-running game series eventually run out of steam? And is that really all bad?

Axiom Verge and the Difference Between "Formulaic" and "By-The-Numbers"

2015 IN REVIEW: How two takes on the metroidvania concept highlighted the perils and potential of working within a genre.

From Us to You! Reviews the First Half of 2015 in Gaming

As 2015 nears its midpoint, Mike, Kat, and Jaz sit down to talk about Cities: Skylines, Bloodborne, Axiom Verge, and the rest of the year's top games.

It's Axioms and Allies in the Latest USgamer Podcast

From US To You! Episode 11 looks at the glories of Axiom Verge and the legacies of third-party console exclusives.

Axiom Verge is Unabashedly Metroid, but that's Okay

Like Shovel Knight before it, this tribute to 8-bit action doesn't fuss with its time-tested formula.

Game Dev Recipes: Axiom Verge

Metroid and Contra are obvious influences, but what else inspired the design of Axiom Verge? We asked its creator.

E3 2014: Axiom Verge. Loving a Game That Looks 27 Years Old

It might be E3 2014, but if you stand in front of Axiom Verge on Sony's booth, you might be fooled into thinking it's CES 1987.