Battlefield Hardline Features

The Rise and Fall of Visceral Games

From MOBA-likes before there were MOBAs to changing survival horror forever, we reflect on Visceral Games' legacy.

Shifting to World War I is Just What Battlefield Needed

Kat explores the franchise's recent history and explains why she's back onboard following last week's reveal of Battlefield 1.

Thursday Challenge: Kat and Jaz Vie to See Who Can Survive the Longest in Battlefield Hardline

Come join us on Twitch at 4pm PT/7pm ET as Kat and Jaz have a little fun with Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer.

You're a Loose Cannon: The Challenge of Making a Good Police Game

Why developers have struggled to make police games that go beyond the cops and criminals fantasy of Battlefield Hardline and company.

Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Preview: Speed is of the Essence

Battlefield Hardline's new multiplayer modes are all about speed and complexity. Just how successful are they?

Life Imitates Art: Battlefield Hardline and How the Media Handles Police

Our media sends a few messages about law enforcement and some of those messages bleed into the real world.

The Annual Delays Begin with Dragon Age and Battlefield: Hardline

Why EA delayed two of their biggest games of the season, and what delays to expect in the coming months.